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Blogs about Engineering

3 blogs about Engineering.

  1. Ikkaro - Homemade inventions and DIY
    “The best inventions and homemade bots, scientific curiosities, techniques, engineering and more from a Maker / Hacker.” By Nacho Morató.

    Leopold y Rudolf Blaschka y su colección de vidrio Marine Life
    Imagen de Guido Mocafico Leopold y su hijo Rudolf Blaschka, crearon modelos zoológicos realizados en el siglo XIX para uso científico, realizados con cristal de Bohemia. Es uno de esos objetos que podría estar en …
    By Nacho Morato, 1,215 words

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  2. Practical Engineering
    “Entertaining, educational engineering projects and topics by Grady Hillhouse.” 🇺🇸

    Why Construction Projects Always Go Over Budget
    [Note that this article is a transcript of the video embedded above.]Boston, Massachusetts is one of the oldest cities in America, founded in 1630, more than a few years before the advent of modern motor …
    By Wesley Crump, 3,062 words

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  3. Practical Engineering — Blog
    “With a focus on civil engineering and public works, Practical Engineering highlights the innovative structures and projects that meet humanity’s basic needs.” By Grady Hillhouse. 🇺🇸

    Why Rivers Move
    [Note that this article is a transcript of the video embedded above.]This is a map of the Mississippi River drafted by legendary geologist Harold Fisk. It’s part of a fairly unassuming geological report that he …
    By Wesley Crump, 2,592 words

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