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Blogs about Artificial intelligence

11 blogs about Artificial intelligence.

  1. AI Weirdness
    The weird side of artificial intelligence. By Janelle Shane. 🇺🇸 More info

    DALL-E3 generates candy hearts
    I've experimented a couple of times with generating candy heart messages using various kinds of machine learning algorithms. Originally, short messages were just about all the original text-generating neural networks could handle. Now we've come …
    By Janelle Shane, 333 words
  2. George Shakan
    Math and Machine Learning Blog. 🇺🇸 More info

    Carnival Of Mathematics
    In this somewhat different post, I am hosting the long-running Carnival of Mathematics. First I’ll talk about 223 (the issue number) and then I’ll round up some mathematical posts from December 2023. It’s primetime we …
    By George Shakan, 639 words
  3. Justin Pinkney
    Most of the things on this website are either about Generative Art or Deep Learning or the combination of the two. 🇬🇧 More info

    Face Mixer Diffusion
    I'm still trying to catch up on writing up some of the "old" diffusion experiments I did and models I made during 2022. This is another quick write up of a model designed to generate …
    1,625 words
  4. Keet blog
    research and teaching, with some relevance for society. By Maria Keet. 🇿🇦 More info

    On comparing models
    Some of the readers of this blog are interested in modelling, and then mainly conceptual data models or ontologies. There are more types of models and modelling languages as well, such as mind maps, biological …
    By keet, 260 words
  5. Leapfroglog - A weblog by Kars Alfrink.
    🇳🇱 More info

    Participatory AI literature review
    I’ve been thinking alot about civic participation in machine learning systems development. In particular, involving non-experts in the potentially value-laden translation work from specifications that engineers do when they build their models. Below is a …
    By Kars Alfrink, 655 words
  6. Luke Salamone's Blog
    🇺🇸 More info

    A 3D Game of Life
    Conway’s Game of Life is a simulation developed in 1970 describing a grid of binary cells and transition rules for each cell which depend on the state of the cell’s neighbors. It’s capable of creating …
    78 words
  7. Replicate – Blog
    We’re making machine learning easier and safer to use. More info

    Language model roundup, April 2023
    A roundup of recent developments from the world of open-source language models.
    17 words
  8. The Stone and the Shell
    Using large digital libraries to advance literary history. By Ted Underwood. 🇺🇸 More info

    Can language models predict the next twist in a story?
    While distant reading has taught us a lot about the history of fiction, it hasn’t done much yet to explain why we keep turning pages. “Suspense” is the word we use to explain that impulse. …
    By tedunderwood, 66 words
  9. Tim Boucher
    Questionable content, possibly linked. 🇨🇦 More info

    2 Dystopian MAGA Election Image Sets
    I realized that I never published two pretty good sets of Midjourney images made a few months ago, both of which center around imaginary/disinformation images around the US 2024 election. I believe these were still …
    By Tim B., 208 words
  10. Togelius
    Better playing through algorithms. By Julian Togelius. 🇺🇸 More info

    AI safety regulation threatens our digital freedoms
    There are those who believe that advanced AI poses a threat to humanity. The argument is that when AI systems become intelligent enough, they may hurt humanity in ways that we cannot foresee, and because …
    By Julian Togelius, 1,694 words
  11. Zena Assaad, PhD
    I am an aerospace engineer and senior research fellow. 🇦🇺 More info

    Alternative Fuels Are No Direct Ticket to Sustainable Air Travel
    An article I wrote for the ANU Reporter on the environmental impacts of sustainable aviation fuels. Read here
    By Zena Assaad, 28 words