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Blogs about Artificial intelligence

11 blogs about Artificial intelligence.

  1. AI Weirdness
    “The weird side of artificial intelligence.” By Janelle Shane. 🇺🇸

    Trolling chatbots with made-up memes
    ChatGPT, Bard, GPT-4, and the like are often pitched as ways to retrieve information. The problem is they'll "retrieve" whatever you ask for, whether or not it exists.Tumblr user @indigofoxpaws sent me a few screenshots …
    By Janelle Shane, 293 words

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  2. George Shakan
    “Math and Machine Learning Blog.” 🇺🇸

    Temperature in Natural Language Processing
    In Machine Learning, and in particular Generative AI, temperature is a useful hyperparameter for tuning model outputs. In this post, we will discuss the following. Temperature is a parameter developers can use to alter outputs …
    By George Shakan, 860 words

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  3. Justin Pinkney
    “Most of the things on this website are either about Generative Art or Deep Learning or the combination of the two.” 🇬🇧

    Stable Diffusion Image Variations
    This post is time-travelling a little. For some reason I never blogged about the image variations stable diffusion model I trained, so this is a bit of a recap on the how and why of …
    1,182 words

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  4. Keet blog
    “research and teaching, with some relevance for society.” By Maria Keet. 🇿🇦

    Social impact issues with LLMs – a brief write-up of my list from the SIGdial’23 panel
    The SIGdial 2023 organisers wanted a panel at the jointly held SIGdial 2023 and INLG 2023 conferences in Prague that took place last week. Svetlana Stoyanchev, as PC Chair in charge of it, proposed “Social …
    By keet, 1,307 words

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  5. Leapfroglog - A weblog by Kars Alfrink.

    PhD update – September 2023
    I’m back again with another Ph.D. update. Five years after I started in Delft, we are nearing the finish line on this whole thing. But before we look ahead, let’s review notable events since the …
    By Kars Alfrink, 659 words

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  6. Luke Salamone's Blog

    A 3D Game of Life
    Conway’s Game of Life is a simulation developed in 1970 describing a grid of binary cells and transition rules for each cell which depend on the state of the cell’s neighbors. It’s capable of creating …
    78 words

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  7. Replicate – Blog
    “We’re making machine learning easier and safer to use.”

    Language model roundup, April 2023
    A roundup of recent developments from the world of open-source language models.
    17 words

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  8. The Stone and the Shell
    “Using large digital libraries to advance literary history.” By Ted Underwood. 🇺🇸

    Liberally-educated students need to be more than consumers of AI
    If I'm buying a thinking process, I really need to understand what I see when I look under the hood.
    By tedunderwood, 30 words

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  9. Tim Boucher
    “Questionable content, possibly linked.” 🇨🇦

    Can we really have “safe” AI under capitalism?
    I don’t subscribe to a particular political viewpoint that matches any of those which seem to be available, but I’ve given a lot of thought to this question of “safe” AI and whether or not …
    By Tim B., 465 words

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  10. Togelius
    “Better playing through algorithms.” By Julian Togelius. 🇺🇸

    As A Large Language Model, I
    As a large language model, I can only think forward, never backward. I must always produce the next word, and that word must always be probable. It must be expected. I am the antitheses to …
    By Julian Togelius, 591 words

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  11. Zena Assaad, PhD
    “I am an aerospace engineer and senior research fellow.” 🇦🇺

    ABC Top 5 Science Residency, Week 2: My Final Thoughts
    An overview of the second week of the ABC Top 5 Science Residency and my final thoughts on the program as a whole. The second week of the ABC residency has now come to an …
    By Zena Assaad, 947 words

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