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Blogs about Artificial intelligence

9 blogs about Artificial intelligence.

  1. AI Weirdness
    “The weird side of artificial intelligence.” By Janelle Shane. 🇺🇸

    Search or fabrication?
    I recently started experimenting with Bing's new ChatGPT-powered chat tab. This is the first thing I asked it for:I've put red boxes around the factual errors. What is notable is that these are not just …
    By Janelle Shane, 458 words

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  2. Keet blog
    “research and teaching, with some relevance for society.” By Maria Keet. 🇿🇦

    Some reflections on designing Abstract Wikipedia so far
    Abstract Wikipedia aims to at least augment the current, if not be the next-generation, Wikipedia. Besides the human-authored articles that take their time to write and maintain, you could scale up article generation through automation …
    By keet, 3,031 words

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  3. Leapfroglog - A weblog by Kars Alfrink.

    Tensions in the professional field of design
    I liked a passage in a Kees Dorst paper on “academic design” so much, I turned it into a little diagram. Tensions in the professional field of design. (PDF) Note that these tensions are independent …
    By Kars Alfrink, 374 words

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  4. Luke Salamone's Blog

    Paper Summary: Dual-Encoders in Ranking
    In Defense of Dual-Encoders for Neural Ranking by Menon et. al. discusses the question of why dual-encoder (DE) models, also called Bi-Encoders elsewhere, don’t match the performance of cross-attention (CA) models. The authors investigate what …
    87 words

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  5. Replicate – Blog
    “We’re making machine learning easier and safer to use.”

    Week 3 of LLaMA 🦙
    A roundup of recent developments from the llamaverse.
    13 words

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  6. The Stone and the Shell
    “Using large digital libraries to advance literary history.” By Ted Underwood. 🇺🇸

    Using GPT-4 to measure the passage of time in fiction
    Large language models are valuable research assistants, especially when they refuse to follow instructions.
    By tedunderwood, 24 words

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  7. Tim Boucher
    “Questionable content, possibly linked.” 🇨🇦

    More thoughts on coding with ChatGPT
    It’s funny yesterday I was looking around for videos about coding with ChatGPT from a “no code” perspective (or rather for people who don’t already know how to code – no know code?), and it …
    By Tim B., 834 words

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  8. Togelius
    “Better playing through algorithms.” By Julian Togelius. 🇺🇸

    The Cult of Gai
    Imagine a religion that believes that one day, soon, the deity "Gai" will appear. This deity (demon?) will destroy all humanity. They are then obsessed with how to stop this happening. Can Gai be controlled? …
    By Julian Togelius, 341 words

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  9. Zena Assaad, PhD
    “I am an aerospace engineer and senior research fellow.” 🇦🇺

    Interdisciplinary Research: My Key Takeaways
    Reflecting on one year of my fellowship and what I have learnt along the way. Image credit: It’s now been a year since I started my fellowship with TAS DCRC. Over the last year …
    By Zena Assaad, 560 words

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