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  1. The Cheapskate's Guide to Computers and the Internet
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    A Review of Damn Small Linux 2024: A Distribution for Near-Vintage Computers
    Damn Small Linux 2024 is the first new release of Damn Small Linux in sixteen years. I have to say that not only did I find it to be usable on my old computers, I …
    56 words
  2. Erin Kissane's internet website lol
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    Untangling Threads
    Back in the fall, I wrote a series of posts on a particularly horrific episode in Meta’s past. I hadn’t planned to revisit the topic immediately, but here we are, with Threads federation with the …
    5,351 words
  3. Internet Archive Blogs
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    Book Talk: The Secret Life of Data
    How data surveillance, digital forensics, and generative AI pose new long-term threats and opportunities—and how we can use them to make better decisions in the face of technological uncertainty. Book Talk: The Secret Life of …
    By Chris Freeland, 458 words
  4. mediocregopher's lil web corner
    I publish posts about projects I'm working on and things that interest me. More info

  5. One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age
    Digging through the Geocities Torrent. By Olia Lialina. 🇩🇪 More info

    Bruce’s Home Page. Part III. Floyd’s Home Place
    Bruce’s Home Page. Part I. “Malaysia’s Bill Gates” Bruce’s Home Page. Part II. Calvin and Hobbes Bruce’s home page was the first screenshot published on the One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Photo Op tumblr blog. …
    By olia, 51 words
  6. - Andy Baio lives here is the personal sandbox of Andy Baio. I made XOXO, Upcoming,, Playfic, Kind of Bloop, helped build Kickstarter, and a bunch of other stuff too. 🇺🇸 More info

    Vice Media lays off hundreds, abandons
    elsewhere in the digital media apocalypse, Yahoo laid off Engadget's leadership and BuzzFeed is cutting 16% #
    By Andy Baio, 24 words