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  1. The Cheapskate's Guide to Computers and the Internet

    Beginning as Soon as July 15th, this Website will Block the SpaceCowboy Android RSS Feed Reader App.
    This article explains why I will be blocking the SpaceCowboy app.
    28 words

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    “digital describes what we do, not what is done unto us ‣ is an ongoing collection of observations about digital behaviours, by Mo Morgan.” 🇬🇧

    The Togetherati: why good people support damaging causes on social media
    This is a post from Adapted from The story history of France from the reign of Clovis, 481 A.D., to the signing of the armistice, November, 1918 by John Bonner (1919) Pick any one …
    By Mo, 883 words

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  3. Internet Archive Blogs
    “A blog from the team at” 🇺🇸

    Virtual Book Talk: The Apple II Age
    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Last month, we hosted Laine Nooney and Finn Brunton for an in-person discussion at the Internet Archive. We had considerable interest from people who couldn’t make it to the discussion, so …
    By chrisfreeland, 400 words

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  4. One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age
    “Digging through the Geocities Torrent.” By Olia Lialina. 🇩🇪

    Bruce’s Home Page. Part III. Floyd’s Home Place
    Bruce’s Home Page. Part I. “Malaysia’s Bill Gates” Bruce’s Home Page. Part II. Calvin and Hobbes Bruce’s home page was the first screenshot published on the One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Photo Op tumblr blog. …
    By olia, 51 words

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  5. - Andy Baio lives here
    “ is the personal sandbox of Andy Baio. I made XOXO, Upcoming,, Playfic, Kind of Bloop, helped build Kickstarter, and a bunch of other stuff too.” 🇺🇸

    Redditor creates working anime QR codes using Stable Diffusion
    hard to believe these all scan, but they do #
    By Andy Baio, 19 words

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