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  1. The Adventurers Guild
    “…in which he attempted to play through all notable graphical adventure games.”

    Dracula Unleashed - Won!
    Written by Joe PranevichWelcome back to this somewhat delayed finale of Dracula Unleashed. I won! I actually won some time ago, began drafting this post, became bogged down because the post became too long, and …
    By Joe Pranevich, 6,129 words

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  2. All the Adventures | Renga in Blue
    “Wherein I play and blog about every adventure game ever made in (nearly) chronological order. These are sorted (mostly) in the order I played the games. I think they’re all worth reading! How….” 🇺🇸

    Pimania: The Eye of the Lord Is Upon Them That Fear Him
    Full Pimania cassette inlay, from World of Dragon. If you study the image above and turn your head sideways, you’ll notice the game Pimania includes FREE APPALLING HYPNOTIC DISCO THEME MUSIC ! The game was …
    By Jason Dyer, 1,035 words

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  3. Between Sound and Space: ECM Records and Beyond
    “The only archive reviewing every ECM album in existence.” By Tyran Grillo. 🇺🇸

    Unfamiliar Listening: A Brief Introduction to Experimental Field Recordings
    For many, the term “field recording” evokes the greatest hits of natural sounds: ocean waves, rain, and birdsong. Indeed, one of the earliest field recordings dates to 1889, when an eight-year-old Ludwig Koch wax-cylindered the …
    By Tyran Grillo, 1,298 words

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  4. BRAPA | Blog
    “On 5th April 2014, I had a dream. Or was it a nightmare? To tick every pub in the Good Beer Guide!” By Si Everitt. 🇬🇧

    After the dynamic duo of 'First In Last Out' and 'Jenny Lind' (both safely on my BRAPA Pub of 2023 shortlist), I didn't think that our next pub could be so enjoyable, looking all seafrontie …
    By Si Everitt, 1,251 words

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  5. The CRPG Addict
    “A blog in which a dedicated addict plays through all PC computer role-playing games (CRPGs), in chronological order.” By Chester Bolingbroke. 🇺🇸

    Game 491: Adventure Dungeon (1983)
    Adventure DungeonCanadaIndependently developed; published in March 1983 CLOAD magazine (a cassette magazine)Released 1983 for TRS-80.Date Started: 3 June 2023Date Ended: 5 June 2023Total Hours: 6Difficulty: Very Easy (2.0/5) in the sense that every game is …
    By CRPG Addict, 2,313 words

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  6. the Heat Warps
    “Revisiting every Miles Davis live tape from 1969 to 1975 in chronological order.” By Jeremy Erwin.

    7.1.1975 Avery Fisher Hall
    The wealth of documentation chronicling Miles Davis’ electric period begins with an 85-minute audience reel captured at a small club in Rochester, NY on February 25, 1969. It concludes here at Lincoln Center on July …
    By Jeremy Erwin, 1,039 words

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  7. The Movie Crash Course
    “…watching all of the movies that have ever been in any version of the 1001 movies list, in order, and reviewing them.” By Kimberly Wadsworth. 🇺🇸

    Au Hasard Balthazar (1966)
    Well…this one disappointed me. The initial description made me think that it was going to be similar to last year’s Eo (which was inspired by this film, actually) – the claim was that it followed …
    By KWadsworth, 602 words

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  8. Sandwich Tribunal. A sort of sandwich death panel.
    “The idea behind this site is to explore the nature of sandwichness by eating every sandwich on the Official List of Sandwiches.”

    June List Sandwiches and May Wrapup
    Hello my sandwich friends, and welcome to June! As usual, on the first of the month we are announcing the three new sandwiches the Tribunal will be covering, but let me first say–May has been …
    By Sandwich Tribunal, 788 words

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  9. Store Bought Is Fine
    “I’m the store-bought version of Ina Garten. Cooking my way through all 1,200+ of the Barefoot Contessa’s treasure trove of recipes.” By Trent.

    Toni Tipton Martin’s Crab Cakes with Rick Martinez’s Classic Tartar Sauce
    Book: Jubilee, page 46Rating: 5/5 How Easy Is That: EasyStore-Bought Is Fine: dried bread crumbsPricey Ingredients: lump crabmeatHard-to-find: — Crab Cake recipe is not online Tartar sauce recipe here. View this post on Instagram A …
    By mrtrentsir, 50 words

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  10. Thousand Movie Project
    “I figure the closest I can get to a couple of rigorous film classes is to watch, in chronological order, every movie on an absurdly long and well-curated list … the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.” By Alex Sorondo.

    Ten Kay Meats
    What I’ve told myself and Marie and what I’m now telling you is that my reselling goal for April has been to earn $10,000. For context: I’ve now been operating an eBay store for five …
    By Alexander Sorondo, 875 words

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