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The Best Lenses With Great Bokeh for That Film Look You Want
We know that everyone loves the film look. The joke about Reddit posts is that they have to have really nice bokeh in order for them to do well -- at least that's part of …
On , by Chris Gampat, 119 words
Time is Running Out to Win This Beautiful Camera
We’d like to call it jewelry! The Phoblographer has given away some really cool stuff as part of our membership program. This month, the Phoblographer is giving away a beautiful Nikomat EL camera to one …
On , by Chris Gampat, 65 words
The Fujifilm X100VI Tripled in Price, But That’s Not the Crazy Part
It was only a matter of time until the hype took over. When the Fujifilm X100V became hot on the 2nd hand market, the prices rose. With the Fujifilm X100VI announcement, it seems we're seeing …
On , by Chris Gampat, 109 words