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  1. Alexander S. Kunz Photography – Weblog
    “Landscape & Nature Photographer — Lightroom Expert & Tutor.” 🇺🇸

    Back to Hollenbeck (again)
    A few days ago my friend Kevin and I went for a hike at Hollenbeck Canyon, where I hadn’t been in quite a while. The creek that flows in the canyon doesn’t always run and …
    By Alexander S. Kunz, 47 words

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  2. Bill Fortney
    “Photography & Faith.” 🇺🇸

    A Great Alternative!
    I recently saw a Youtube video on a new bag that seemed like a really good idea, the Think Tank Speedtop Crossbody 15. Before I get into this bag, let me speak to the quality …
    372 words

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  3. Cameras and Photography Explained | News/Views | Thom Hogan
    “News and opinions about photography and the camera industry by Thom Hogan, with pointers to his gear specific sites.” 🇺🇸

    Real Camera Economics
    We’re in the time of year that all the camera companies are preparing to report their year-end financial results (other than Canon, who uses a calendar year). It’s also the time of year that new …
    212 words

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  4. Collected Essays of Craig Mod

    [RIDGELINE] Walking Around Kan Yasuda's Sculptures
    Ridgeliners — I made a little trip to Hokkaido the other week. It had two purposes: To hang out with a good friend (which is what 90% of all my non-walk-related travel is centered around; …
    By Craig Mod, 77 words

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  5. Colossal
    “Art, design, and visual culture.” By Christopher Jobson, Grace Ebert, et al. 🇺🇸

    A Traditional Ukrainian House Outlines a Home Away from Home in Antarctica
    All images © Balbek Bureau, shared with permission. Production supported by Wonder Workshop and Silpo Off the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula within an expansive archipelago sits the island of Galindez where the Ukrainian …
    By Kate Mothes, 456 words

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  6. Conscientious Photography Magazine
    “Jörg M. Colberg's online photography magazine, featuring photographer profiles, interviews, articles, and book reviews.” 🇺🇸

    Another world
    There’s something fascinating about how similar Japan and Germany are. In the late 19th century, both countries emerged out of a suspended state to try to catch up with the countries they perceived as their …
    By Jörg Colberg, 1,352 words

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  7. The Family Museum – Blog
    “An archival project about vernacular family photography.” By Nigel Shephard, Rachael Moloney. 🇬🇧

    Some Summers Have Gone
    “Europe presents a live picture of a warming world and reminds us that even well prepared societies are not safe from impacts of extreme weather events.” Petteri Taalas, Secretary-General, World Meteorological Organization, 2016–present One thing …
    By The Family Museum, 279 words

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  8. Fup Duck Photography
    “Percussive learning in a world of automation.” 🇬🇧

    Technical aptitude
    Or, Zen and the art of manual adjustment. Which might be puzzling, but there is a link (trust me). There seem to be a lot of people who take pictures but have little or no …
    By fupduckphoto, 1,734 words

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  9. Iconic Photos
    “Famous, Infamous and Iconic Photos.”

    Hawaiian Statehood, 1959
    . It was a long and arduous journey. Following the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom in 1893 by American businessmen, there were several attempts to incorporate the archipelago into the United States. For a time, …
    By S.Za., 623 words

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  10. Landscape and Nature Photography Photoblog • Michael Russell Photography
    “Based in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, I photograph the landscapes and nature of Southwestern BC and the PNW's Washington State.” 🇨🇦

    Mud Bay Park in Surrey British Columbia
    A raft of (mostly) Northern Pintails (Anas acuta) drift past two old pilings during high tide at Mud Bay in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. A Parting in the Clouds at Mud Bay (Purchase) Earlier this …
    By Michael, 80 words

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  11. A Life in Photography
    “This blog is about life, about photography, and about my life in photography.” By David B. Jenkins. 🇺🇸

    This Is No Bull!
    Looks like one, but looks can be deceiving.I think I've mentioned before that raising cattle might seem to be an unusual sideline for a professional photographer and a nurse practitioner, but we did it, for …
    By Dave Jenkins, 453 words

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  12. matt's pictures
    By Matt Mills. 🇺🇸

    one camera, two nights
    These two nights weren’t one after the other, they were instead a couple weeks apart, but the pictures were right next to each other in my editor, and they sort of fit together, I think. …
    177 words

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  13. The Online Darkroom
    “Film & silver gelatin darkroom blog covering analogue or analog photography, printing and equipment. Ilford, Kodak, Adox, Olympus, Leica, Rolleiflex.” By Bruce Robbins.

    A Slow Realisation
    For a while now I’ve been trying to work out what photography means to me and where I want to take it. It’s been tempting at times to give up, choose the easy way out …
    By Bruce Robbins, 81 words

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  14. The Online Photographer
    “A photography news and information website in the form of a weblog with multiple authors who write on a variety of photography and art-photography related issues.” By Mike Johnston. 🇺🇸

    A Response to Moose (B&W Tonality, Part CCCLXXVII)
    [UPDATE: P.S.—a P.S. before the fact, you might say—I'm actually thankful to Moose, who is a loyal reader and longtime commenter. It's true that I'm "scolding" him a bit here, but it was an opportunity …
    By Michael Johnston, 1,349 words

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  15. Outside the World dot com
    By RyanDavid Burningham. 🇺🇸

    Time to fly
    By RyanDavid, 3 words

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  16. A Photo Editor
    “Former Photography Director Rob Haggart.” 🇺🇸

    Featured Promo – Amy Rose Photography
    Amy Rose Photography Who printed it? Mixam printed the Zine Got Print printed the Art Cards Primoprint printed the Postcards Who designed it? We designed the zine, art cards, and leave behind cards in-house. Chelsea …
    By A Photo Editor, 319 words

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  17. Stephen Knight Photography NEW
    “Articles and Tutorials on Light Painting Techniques. Reviews and Buying Guides for Flashlights, Torches, and Light Painting Tools.” 🇦🇺

    LED Panel Light Review: Zhiyun Fiveray M40
    Most pocket LED panel lights max out at 12W power. The Zhiyun Fiveray M40 has an impressive 40W of power, an advanced cooling system, and variable white light output between 2700k and 6200k. Disclaimer The …
    By Stephen Knight, 1,523 words

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  18. Travel Photographer - Austin Mann — Journal

    iPhone 14 Pro Camera Review: Scotland
    Hi from Scotland!We’re here on the beautiful Dunton Kilchoan Estate in the Scottish Highlands with the iPhone 14 Pro cameras — we’ve been hiking, biking, and boating all around the area, pushing these new cameras …
    By Austin Mann, 2,930 words

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  19. The Visual Science Lab / Kirk
    “Austin, Texas Portrait Photographer's Blog about Photography, Art and Writing by Kirk Tuck.” 🇺🇸

    Sobering epiphany strikes Kirk while undertaking new duties.
    In most partnerships there is a division of labor that should play to each person's strengths. I tend to be a "big picture" guy. I like the sweep of big ideas and get bogged down …
    76 words

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  20. The Wandering Lensman
    “The Wandering Lensman is a blog about the passion of photography, sharing images as well as thoughts about life, travel, living, etc.” By Dennis A. Mook. 🇺🇸

    The Value Of Your Camera's Custom Settings Feature
    Not So Majestic! A Bald Eagle's head and tail don't turn fully white until itreaches adulthood. That is about at the 5 year mark, but can vary. I estimatethis eagle to be about 3 years …
    By The Wandering Lensman, 868 words

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