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Ten minutes past deadline

Sub-editing when the clock's run out but the copy hasn't.

  • By Ed Latham
  • Based in United Kingdom
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2022 8
2023 6
2024 0

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Notice of interruption to service
When this blog reached its five-year anniversary in 2018, I wrote a summary of the conclusions it had reached so far, and I vaguely thought at the time that, should it run for another five …
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Respect the Elder
I regret to report that, after years with no serious incidents, someone has stumbled on to the biggest booby trap in the Tribune’s stylebook and set it off. A member of the newsdesk, having seen …
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It appears even Glenda is having a bit of trouble with her subeditors this week: But it’s hard to decide which is more unlikely: that a mere member of the copy desk would criticise the …
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