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  1. Bartholomew's Notes
    “Religion in Politics - Media - Conspiracy Theories.” By Richard Bartholomew. 🇬🇧

    Court Finds For Former MP in Counterclaim Against “VIP Sex Abuse” Accuser
    From the Daily Mail: A former Liberal Democrat MP is to receive libel damages from an alleged fantasist who made unsubstantiated rape claims against him. John Hemming, 58, has scored a major High Court victory …
    By Richard Bartholomew, 1,358 words

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  2. Ten minutes past deadline
    “Sub-editing when the clock's run out but the copy hasn't.” By Ed Latham. 🇬🇧

    Respect the Elder
    I regret to report that, after years with no serious incidents, someone has stumbled on to the biggest booby trap in the Tribune’s stylebook and set it off. A member of the newsdesk, having seen …
    By edlatham, 555 words

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