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An on-line atelier (design studio) dedicated to help you unlock your potential as a builder or maker by honing your design skills.

  • By George Walker, Jim Tolpin
  • Based in United States of America
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Most recent posts

Board Foot “Calculator”
Old-school method for calculating linear ratios such as board footage. This particular example is from “Deane’s Doctrine of Naval Architecture” published in 1670. See the store page to download a free PDF that explains the …
On , by Jim Tolpin, 39 words
Numbers Versus True
Geometry is a mysterious bird. The ancient geometers thought it mysterious because its secrets were like jewels that fell from the heavens. Though it’s the earliest form of mathematics, it doesn’t rely on numbers. In …
On , by George Walker, 883 words
UFO’s and Duct Tape
My Mother-in-law loved to watch TV shows about aliens and UFOs. She also thought you could fix anything with duct tape, even a leaky water line. It always amazed me how an eighty year old …
On , by George Walker, 412 words