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Blogs about Woodworking

21 blogs about Woodworking.

  1. Accidental Woodworker
    “The daily dribble from my workshop.” By Ralph Boumenot. 🇺🇸

    got a new toy......
    Straight up front I'm telling the toy isn't woodworking related in the least. This morning around 0800 I ordered a fitness smart watch off Amazon. I got it just after 1200. Can we say wow …
    By Ralph Boumenot, 710 words

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  2. The Apartment Woodworker
    “Hand-tool Woodworking for the Urban Apartment-dweller.” By James. 🇺🇸

    Apartment Woodworking: Year 10 Retrospective (Part 2)
    For several years, the floor of my workshop has been the OSB top of DriCore tongue and groove subfloor squares. DriCore is a modern miracle (not a sponsor, just to be clear) and going from …
    By The Apartment Woodworker, 63 words

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  3. Building a Beg-Meil
    “I’m building a boat – specifically François Vivier’s Beg-Meil design. And, I thought I’d document the process on this blog.” By Karl Nelson. 🇺🇸

    Preface: I’m by no means an expert, and you should absolutely do your own research before deciding what safety equipement to use. Don’t just take my word for it. Boat building involves coming in contact …
    77 words

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  4. Chris Cid ∣ CJCid
    “XD/AI strategist and inclusive designer.” 🇯🇵

    CJ Solid Kibera
    A wooden cooking spatula that’s balanced and comfortable to use. Hand‐carved wooden utensils is an area that I was looking to experiment with. Solid, natural wood are my preference because of their durability, safety, and …
    By Chris Cid, 170 words

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  5. David Fisher, Carving Explorations | Blog NEW

    Update on the Upcoming Workshop Transition
    The house project has been progressing in spite of the typical delays and hiccups. It has been inspiring to meet and watch the many skilled tradespersons working on the project. From the framers, to the …
    By Dave Fisher, 50 words

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  6. The English Woodworker
    “Woodworking blog & videos for the hand tool woodworker.” By Richard Maguire. 🇬🇧

    Which Saws Are Best For Ripping Thick Stuff? [Video]
    There’s a lot of choice when it comes to rip saws. And unfortunately options usually just make things more complicated.So hopefully the video above will help clear up some of the confusion around which saw …
    By Richard Maguire, 82 words

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    “Woodworking and other hobbies.” By Vidar Fagerjord Harboe. 🇳🇴

    The boolean wall shelf
    Yet another wall shelf project. This time it is for my oldest sister, Unni. I got a text message with an image and “show this to your wife, she’ll love it!”. Subtle… But hey, it’s …
    By vidar, 1,390 words

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  8. IBUILDIT Blog
    “The idea is to chronicle, in words and pictures, the things I’m currently working on and my plans for future projects.” By John Heisz. 🇨🇦

    Making a Custom Ceiling with Lighting – Sunburst Pattern
    -Black Friday // Cyber Monday- MAKER’S MOB BIGGEST SALE EVER CLICK HERE This project proves that the best laid plans don’t always guarantee success. I did a lot of planning before I started, but still …
    By I Build It, 187 words

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  9. Joel's Blog

    The Stanley Number One
    The Stanley No. 1 in the palm of my handA few weeks ago I wrote about creativity and the idea that you are probably doing "it" all wrong. There are a lot of blind alleys …
    1,376 words

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  10. Joe's Wood Working Journey

    Satisfaction Trumps Speed
    As a hobby woodworker, I am fortunate that I don't need to worry about my woodworking putting food on the table. I don't need to justify purchasing a tool. If I want it, have saved …
    By HoningTheEdge, 392 words

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  11. Journeyman's Journal
    “This is a journal of the art of woodworking by hand.”

    Donations Cart Episode 4
    This will be a four-episode build series on how to make a donations cart using only hand tools. This a rush order that I only had a few hours notice to build it. I was …
    By The Lost Scrolls of Handwork, 42 words

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  12. The Literary Workshop Blog
    “Making what I need with my hands.” By Steve Schuler. 🇺🇸

    How Do You Set Prices for Handmade Goods?
    So you want to sell your work at a craft market. One of the most common questions that new makers ask is how to set prices. We all know that everything has a price, but …
    By literaryworkshop, 915 words

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  13. Lost Art Press

    Air-drying Lumber
    Fig. 4.11 The following is excerpted from the third edition of Christian Becksvoort’s “With the Grain: A Craftsman’s Guide to Understanding Wood.” It is, above all, succinct, easy to understand and perfectly suited for the …
    By fitz, 2,373 words

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  14. The Off-grid Wood Butcher
    “Making shavings from deep in the wood.” By Lionel.

    On Pencil Sharpeners
    I am a great fan of pencils. I love to use them for marking but also to write and take note. The only thing that always annoyed me is pencil sharpeners.I always found very hard …
    By Off-grid Woodbutcher, 246 words

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  15. Paul Sellers' Woodworking Blog
    “A well-known amateur woodworker. Read his popular blog for hand tool woodworking tips, updates and project previews!” 🇬🇧

    PS Plough Plane Honing Guide
    Sharpening narrow cutting irons often tilt to surprisingly odd angles no matter how experienced you are at sharpening. It takes more than just countering the tilt to get the ends even close to never mind …
    By Paul Sellers, 73 words

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  16. Pegs and 'Tails
    “Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century English and Irish furniture &c.” By Jack Plane.

    Out of Sight
    Christopher Storb has just posted a well-illustrated monograph on the unseen, hastily prepared secondary surfaces of furniture and architectural woodwork. Jack Plane
    By Jack Plane, 25 words

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  17. TimeTestedTools NEW
    “Vintage Tool Information - Hand Tool Restorations - Tool Collecting - Vintage Tools.” 🇺🇸

    Sargent Model Shop Tools: Prototype Successor to Shaw’s Patent Planes?
    By James R. Gillis Here it is at only the second post of this blog and I’ve gone off the subject of Stanley Model Shop tools in my collection to discuss a Sargent prototype plane …
    By Guest Author, 1,387 words

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  18. The Valley Woodworker

    Somethings never get old
    Been a tad busy as you may have been noticed. Not much woodworking but lots of small projects for storage and while Greenhouse No 2 is done, there is still a lot going on in …
    By Valley Woodworker, 1,563 words

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  19. Woodworking in a Tiny Shop
    “This is my attempt to record some things I'm doing. It's as much to help me remember some details as it is to share with others.”

    A Note About Carving
    I've never considered myself an artistic type. Being a total left-brainer (logical, analytical, orderly), that side of things has always escaped me. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate art; quite the contrary, I love beautiful …
    By Tiny Shop Woodworks, 436 words

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  20. working by hand
    “A site that looks at the human use of tools and things.” By Mike. 🇨🇦

    Tinkering with wood – tool kits for kids
    There was a time when some tool catalogs sold tool chests, brimming with tools – some of these were aimed at the youth market. Where are these tool chests today? True, Lie Nielsen sells “The …
    By spqr, 110 words

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