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Motown Junkies

An unofficial track by track history of Motown: in-depth analysis and discussion of both sides of every Motown single ever released between 1959 and 1988.

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694. The Temptations: “Get Ready”
If white radio wasn't ready for this in 1966, it's their loss, because now it's 2020 and I am so very ready for this today. It sounds fantastic. (10)Continue reading →
On , by The Nixon Administration, 36 words
693. The Four Tops: “Just As Long As You Need Me”
It's not as brave as the A-side, or as startling, and - hand on heart - it isn't quite as good as a record, either; but it's still lovely, and it still works. (7)Continue reading …
On , by The Nixon Administration, 47 words
692. The Four Tops: “Shake Me, Wake Me (When It’s Over)”
The Four Tops are wonderful, and right now, like the rest of their labelmates, songwriters, producers, musicians, and - heck - probably the people at the pressing plants, they can do no wrong. (9)Continue reading …
On , by The Nixon Administration, 47 words