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  1. Across the line - BBC Blogs
    “This is the home of news, reviews and features on the Northern Irish music scene, courtesy of Team ATL.” By Gemma Bradley. 🇬🇧
    Chalk stay on track with new single 'Velodrome'
    Halloween is just around the corner and I’m feeling extra spooky after hearing the new Chalk release. They’ve really bared their souls with this, bringing a haunting punk and gothic nature to the track; it's …
    By Gemma Bradley, 206 words

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  2. Alex McLean – Making music with text[ure]
    Live Coding: A User’s Manual
    “Live Coding: A User’s Manual is the first comprehensive introduction to the practice and a broader cultural commentary on the potential for live coding to open up deeper questions about contemporary cultural production and computational …
    By yaxu, 126 words

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  3. BBC Music Introducing - BBC Blogs
    “This is a collective blog about BBC Music Introducing's support for unsigned and undiscovered artists. It features advice for under-the-radar artists, the latest music from BBC Music Introducing acts and guest posts from our DJs and figures from around the music industry.” 🇬🇧
    BBC Music Introducing Mixtape: 05 December 2022
    Hello, it's Tom Robinson with this week's BBC Introducing Mixtape - broadcast on Monday 5 December 2022 on BBC Radio 6 Music. You can listen again for 30 days after broadcast via this link. It …
    By Tom Robinson, 867 words

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  4. Bradley's Almanac
    “A Boston-Based Music Blog.” 🇺🇸
    [30 Years Ago Today] Sub Pop’s Vermonstress Fest
    A few weeks back, sporting a Pond t-shirt while watching the re-kindled Come play a blistering set at the venerable Middle East Upstairs, with Buffalo Tom‘s Bill Janovitz in the sold-out crowd off to my …
    By Brad Searles, 78 words

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  5. CardrossManiac2
    “A blog about music and pop culture.” By Tim 'Space Debris'. 🇦🇺
    Retro Retro - Future
    Yeah yeah shonky dancing in shonky clothes but wait for the strangest moment when the studio cameras become the dancers to the Moog-y-licious hauntological score. It's all a bit cheesy yet uncanny too.
    By Tim 'Space Debris', 37 words

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  6. Dangerous Minds
    “A compendium of the new and strange-new ideas, new art forms, new approaches to social issues and new finds from the outer reaches of pop culture.” 🇺🇸
    Previously unheard audio from one of the earliest shows the Fall ever played, 1977 (a DM premiere)
    The Fall are the legendary British band led by the legendarily cantankerous vocalist, Mark E. Smith. Formed in 1976, the group made their live debut in May 1977. The audio from one of their earliest …
    61 words

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  7. Darren's music blog
    “News, reviews, interviews and more. From classic rock to contemporary folk.” 🇬🇧
    New book coming soon: ‘Slade In The 1970s’ by Darren Johnson out in April 2023
    Following my books on The Sweet and Suzi Quatro I’m absolutely delighted to confirm that my third book for Sonicbond’s ‘Decades’ series, Slade In The 1970s, will be published next April. You can pre-order from …
    By Darren Johnson, 395 words

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  8. Disquiet
    “Listening to culture. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code.” By Marc Weidenbaum. 🇺🇸
    Scratch Pad: Star Field, Starless
    I do this manually each Saturday, usually in the morning over coffee: collating most of the little comments I’ve made on social media during the preceding week. I tend to think of social media — …
    By Marc Weidenbaum, 509 words

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  9. earfluff and eyecandy NEW
    “a very irregularly-updated blog on random topics.” By Geoff Martin. 🇺🇸
    Beosound Theatre: Virtual loudspeakers
    #90 in a series of articles about the technology behind Bang & Olufsen Devices such as the ‘stereoscope’ for representing photographs (and films) in three-dimensions have been around since the 1850s. These work by presenting …
    By geoff, 786 words

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  10. Edward Seckerson | Blog
    “Writer, Broadcaster, Podcaster, and Musical Theatre Obsessive.” 🇬🇧
    GRAMOPHONE Review: Shostakovich Symphonies Nos. 6 & 9 – BBC National Orchestra of Wales/Lloyd-Gonzales
    Shostakovich’s Sixth and Ninth symphonies clearly belong together – flip sides of the same coin, the composer wrong-footing the Soviet establishment with an irony bordering on insanity. The opening Largo of the Sixth is one …
    By Edward, 403 words

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  11. EQ Music Blog
    “EQ Music Blog is the authority on new electronic pop and alternative music with daily updates, news, music videos and interviews with the most relevant names in pop music.” By Raj Rudolph, et al. 🇬🇧
    Watch “Diamond Life” by Leo Kalyan ft MNEK
    In their most recent release. With the song “Diamond Life“. Independent singer-songwriter Leo Kalyan has made an inspirational move. This being that they have borrowed the title from Sade‘s successful and much acclaimed debut album. …
    By Mandy Rogers, 432 words

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  12. The Ethan Hein Blog | Music, Technology, Evolution
    Check out this excellent blue note
    I got a question from a Twitter friend: Oh @ethanhein, a blues tonality Q for you: On Muddy Waters’s “Double Trouble,” on the LP Sings Big Bill, James Cotton opens his harp solo w/a note …
    By Ethan, 429 words

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  13. Eurovision - BBC Blogs
    “The official BBC Eurovision blog. Keep up to date with all of the very latest news about the UK delegation and Eurovision Song Contest here.” 🇬🇧
    BBC Eurovision | Privacy Notice
    PRIVACY NOTICE FOR THE TELEVOTING OF THE 2022 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST The following information is intended to provide you as a participant in the Eurovision Song Contest televoting (Televoting) with an overview of the personal …
    1,042 words

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  14. Fog Songs NEW
    “started this blog simply to plug and promote music that I love, of all different genres and styles, from underground/obscure/unknown indie acts to mainstream giants to old gems.” 🇬🇧
    Bandcamp Recommendations (Nov 22)
    Here's my latest list of Bandcamp recommendations....I've been absolutely overwhelmed and inundated with amazing new music this month, and I've only got the chance to write about a fraction. Hopefully some of these recent discoveries …
    2,146 words

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  15. FreakyTrigger
    “Dedicated to smart, informal writing about pop culture – music, film, TV, food and drink, books, art, science and anything else we fancy writing about.” 🇬🇧
    Which Decade Is Tops For Pops? – the podcast.
    And so, 11 years after it was clobbered by the mother of all imposter syndromes (for which sincere belated apologies are due), Which Decade Is Tops For Pops? returns as a podcast, each episode comparing …
    By Mike Atkinson, 186 words

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  16. Ghost Box
    “A record label for a group of artists exploring the musical history of a parallel world.” 🇬🇧
    Sketches and Spells Re-issue
    Sketches and Spells by The Focus Group is out now on CD, Downloads and Streams. The Vinyl re-issue has been delayed and we hope it will be available by the end of the year. The …
    By Ghost Box Admin, 364 words

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    “A Texas-based music blog. Once called the New Yorker of hipster blogs, we blog about relevant artists of the day, with no particular genre-specific focus.” 🇺🇸
    “Writings by (and about) Greil Marcus.” 🇺🇸
    Letter in the Ether: Greil Marcus on Substack
    Today, Greil Marcus officially launches Letter in the Ether, the new venue for his writing, hosted at Substack. Among the regular features to be included: Real Life Rock Top 10 (which, following a one-year hiatus, …
    By sw00ds, 127 words

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  19. History is made at night
    “The politics of dancing and musicking and other dark matters.” 🇬🇧
    'The fight is for life!' - protests against Italian anti-rave law
    The far right Italian government is planning to bring in a new law against raves. The law was announced following the recent closing down of a three day Halloween party attended by some 3000 people …
    382 words

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  20. It starts with a birthstone...
    ““Memory is what we are. Your very soul and your very reason to be alive are tied up in memory.” Nick Cave.” 🇬🇧
    Songs of the Year # 23 Beth Orton
    By Brush Box, 9 words

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