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Anything. Everything. All at Once. Some later.

  • By Kirk Tuck
  • Based in United States of America
  • Roughly two posts per day
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Posts per week

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Posts per week
Week starting Posts
May 13, 2024 1
May 20, 2024 10
May 27, 2024 6
June 3, 2024 10
June 10, 2024 13
June 17, 2024 3

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Most recent posts

The Eric Rose Variation of the Iceland Lighthouse. Just for something different.
Well done. And I had no idea a G9 file could be made into such a nice black and white...
On , by Kirk, Photographer/Writer, 32 words
Life is odd in that it tosses detours at you that require time, attention and mind space. Sometimes other goals get side-tracked....
When I came back from a trip to Iceland in early November, 2018, I really wanted to dive into the photographs I had taken over the course of ten days. To play around with post …
On , by Kirk, Photographer/Writer, 873 words
Sometimes it's fun to photograph buildings and landscapes.
We retouch portraits almost reflexively. And I guess people who specialize in landscape photography have their own inclinations to try enhancing the files they come home with. This is a late afternoon image of a …
On , by Kirk, Photographer/Writer, 340 words