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Spite Work: The Trials of Virginia Rappe and Fatty Arbuckle

A reconsideration of the Fatty Arbuckle case of 1921-22 and the life and death of the victim, Virginia Rappe.

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The surname Rappe
The following passage from our work-in-progress. Here we end our discussion of Virginia Rappe’s mother, Mabel Rapp and segue from her involvement with a wealthy young Chicago black sheep and check forger to her untimely …
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Virginia Rappe as ur-fashionista
During the third Arbuckle trial, in early April 1922, the prosecution called a surprise witness to the stand, Lillian Blake, a San Francisco photographer who claimed to have taken a single photograph of Virginia Rappe …
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Hollywood’s Problem Presented in Allegorical Fashion, February 1922
During the first week of February 1922, Roscoe Arbuckle came close to being convicted of manslaughter in a San Francisco courtroom; the director William Desmond Taylor was found murdered in his Los Angeles home; and …
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