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Spite Work: The Trials of Virginia Rappe and Fatty Arbuckle

A reconsideration of the Fatty Arbuckle case of 1921-22 and the life and death of the victim, Virginia Rappe.

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Arbuckle’s testimony of November 28, 1921 – Revised and Expanded
No celluloid will ever show the like of it or scenario tell the equal of it. It is Fatty’s masterpiece. —Freda Blum On the morning Roscoe Arbuckle was to testify, November 28, 1921, it was …
On , by The Authors, 19,778 words
At home with the Arbuckles, October 1921
Though the following profile of Roscoe Arbuckle’s wife, Minta Durfee, reads like a “puff piece,” it was “propaganda” published just prior to the first of his trials, arranged by his lawyers and written by Alma …
On , by The Authors, 1,530 words
What was Virginia Rappe’s real name?
There are a plethora of revelations that will be uncovered in the work-in-progress, but this one we felt should be shared before we see her name rendered incorrectly again. We begin with Andy Edmonds’ Frame …
On , by The Authors, 498 words