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Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves

Seeking children's books of old from library/yard sales, used book stores, ebay, etc.

  • By Burgin Streetman
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Need a House? Call Ms. Mouse! Reprint News
Coming back from the dead to let you all know that this book is being reprinted in the spring from NYR Children's Collection. Need a House? Call Ms. Mouse! by George Mendoza, illustrated by Doris …
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Black Stories Matter
Thought it was time for an update seeing as we are in the midst of a civil rights revolution and a definite shift in thinking. The short of it is that—surprise—I am white. I grew …
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RIP Tomi
Still mourning the loss of Tomi Ungerer. If you haven't checked it out, read my interview with Tomi from a few years back. :( And the fabulous New York Times obit. Great, great talent. Wonderful …
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