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Silver Screenings

Ruth's Old Movie Reviews.

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Jan 2023 2
Feb 2023 3
Mar 2023 3
Apr 2023 4
May 2023 2
Jun 2023 3
Jul 2023 1
Aug 2023 3
Sep 2023 3
Oct 2023 3
Nov 2023 3

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It’s Always Fun in Acapulco
Sometimes the world feels different when an influential person dies, and you grieve even though you never met said person. That was the case for millions on November 22, 1963. Two influential men died that …
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Old Yeller: Making the Tough Choices in Life
Warning: Contains Spoilers Sometimes, in a movie, you can spot the Set-Up in the first few scenes. But a good filmmaker knows this, and uses it to build tension. That’s what we thought when we …
On , by Silver Screenings, 70 words
Sugar & Spice, and Accidental Deaths
When we were in elementary school, there was a boy who was always in trouble. Today, we would assume the poor kid had ADHD, but he wasn’t diagnosed with such Back in the Day. We …
On , by Silver Screenings, 68 words