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Silver Screenings

Ruth's Old Movie Reviews.

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Mar 2024 3
Apr 2024 2

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Most recent posts

A Domestic Film Noir
Serious Question: Is there such a thing as a domestic film noir? And: Can a film noir take place in the bright California sunshine? Here’s our query: In the 1951 “B” movie, Cause for Alarm! …
On , by Silver Screenings, 66 words
Joan Crawford’s Fierce Ambition
We (yours truly) adore the on-screen Joan Crawford. Was she the single greatest actress of her generation? Nope. Was she remarkable? You bet. With a 47-year Hollywood career, she understood what it took to become …
On , by Silver Screenings, 66 words
Buddy Road Movie 1949: Smart Convict vs. Dense Cop
Here’s an underrated “B” Crime Drama/Buddy Road Movie you might like: Johnny Stool Pigeon (1949). The film stars Howard Duff as a U.S. Treasury agent, and Dan Duryea as the criminal who Hates his Guts. …
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