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Blogs about Classic movies

11 blogs about Classic movies.

  1. Classic Film and TV Café
    “Devoted to classic movies and television series, ranging from the silent film era to the 1980s.” By Rick29.

    The Alternate Movie Title Game (Private Eye Edition)
    Here are the rules: We will provide an "alternate title" for a private eye film and ask you to name it. Most of these are pretty easy. Please answer no more than three questions per …
    By Rick29, 133 words

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  2. Grand Old Movies
    “Blogging about Hollywood's golden-age films.”

    Spring Frolics
    What a lovely film. I refer to Spring Dreams, from 1960, written and directed by a highly regarded filmmaker whose films I hadn’t seen before, Keisuke Kinoshita. Made and taking place in Japan, the movie’s …
    By Grand Old Movies, 1,633 words

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  3. Greenbriar Picture Shows
    “Classic movie site with rare images (no web grabs!), original ads, and behind-the-scenes photos, with informative and insightful commentary.”

    Up From Depths to Please Anew
    Ghost World That is Paramount on ParadeFrom You Tube confine comes one not expected, let alone in quality we can at last tolerate. Paramount on Parade was of a cycle studios pedaled through 1929 and …
    By John McElwee, 1,743 words

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  4. The Hollywood Revue
    “Where we're always ready for our close-up.” By Angela. 🇺🇸

    My Choices for TCMFF 2023
    For many classic movie fans, the end of March means that the TCM Classic Film Festival is right around the corner. This year’s festival kicks off on Thursday, April 13 and runs through Sunday, April …
    By Angela, 1,443 words

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  5. Laura's Miscellaneous Musings
    “Miscellaneous Musings on Classic Films and Disney.” 🇺🇸

    Book Review: Eddie Muller's Noir Bar
    My alcohol consumption consists of roughly half a glass of red wine every three or four years, so one might assume the new book EDDIE MULLER'S NOIR BAR: COCKTAILS INSPIRED BY THE WORLD OF FILM …
    By Laura, 484 words

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  6. Matte Shot - a tribute to Golden Era special fx
    “This blog is intended primarily as a tribute to the inventiveness and ingenuity of the craft of the matte painter during Hollywoods' Golden Era.” By NZPete. 🇳🇿

    Greetings friends and myriad enthusiasts of 'old time' traditional special photographic effects, mattes, miniatures, trick shots and all such 'lost' art forms of days gone by. It is time for yet another journey down that …
    By NZPete, 8,404 words

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  7. Out of the Past
    “A blog about classic film, old Hollywood stars, actors and actresses, directors, books about stars and movies and much more.” By Raquel Stecher. 🇺🇸

    The Classic Film Collective: Double Indemnity by James M. Cain
    This was originally published in the former The Classic Film Collective Patreon.Double Indemnityby James M. CainVintage Crime/Black LizardPaperback ISBN: 9780679723226128 pagesAmazon — Barnes and Noble — Powell'sWhen asked to define film noir, one movie often …
    By Raquel Stecher, 1,080 words

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  8. Screen Action Jazz
    “Commentary and breaking news regarding the golden age of jazz soundtracks that supplied a swing backdrop for the suspenseful adventures of secret agents, private detectives, cops, spies and heist-minded criminals.” By Derrick Bang. 🇺🇸

    Recent discovery: Dino
    Talk about being lucky enough to hit the ground running: Composer Gerald Fried’s first three big-screen assignments were for Stanley Kubrick’s first three features: Fear and Desire (1953), Killer’s Kiss (1955) and The Killing (1956). …
    By Derrick Bang, 1,594 words

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  9. shadowsandsatin
    “where the worlds of film noir and pre-code collide.” By Karen Burroughs Hannsberry. 🇺🇸

    Shadowy and Satiny: What to Watch on TCM in June 2023
    There’s good stuff on TCM in June, y’all. Read on . . . Satiny Pick: The House on 56th Street (1933) The TCM pre-Code offerings for the month of June contain several films that I …
    By shadowsandsatin, 834 words

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  10. Silver Scenes
    “Covering the world of classic movies from the silents to the mid 1960s via bios, movie reviews, rare photos and fun trivia.” By Constance Metzinger, Diana Metzinger.

    Rewind Review: Those Were the Days ( 1940 )
    William Holden displays the good ol' Siwash spirit of horseplay in Paramount Pictures minor wisp of nostalgia Those Were the Days set in the fictional college of Siwash at the turn of the century. After …
    By The Metzinger Sisters, 360 words

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  11. Silver Screenings
    “Ruth's Old Movie Reviews.”

    How Hollywood Taught us to Love Shakespeare
    One of the mandatory books we studied in high school was William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Our poor English teacher. She had a time of it, trying to engage us in Shakespearean language, hoping we’d be …
    By Silver Screenings, 69 words

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