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A blog about comics, television, video-games, movies, books, politics, food, and all of popular culture.

  • By David Bitterbaum
  • Based in United States of America
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May 2023 27
Jun 2023 32
Jul 2023 33
Aug 2023 32
Sep 2023 29
Oct 2023 35
Nov 2023 30

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Most recent posts

The First Two Issues of, "Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong," Are Wild
Back when, "Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong," was announced I said it sounded like, "My kind of silly fun." Having read the first two issues of the series written by Brian Buccellato, with artist …
On , by David Charles Bitterbaum, 296 words
"Avengers Inc." OR When a Good Series Get Canceled Way Too Quickly
Far too often Marvel will launch a series as an ongoing and then stealth-cancel it and pretend it was a mini-series all along. There were the eight issues we got of, "Nighthawk," and, "Mockingbird," in …
On , by David Charles Bitterbaum, 287 words
The Return of, "Penthouse Comix," Decades Later
Back in the 1990's the popular magazine (which actually still is being published to this day) known as, "Penthouse," put out a special comic magazine called, "Penthouse Comix." It had some surprisingly big-name talent doing …
On , by David Charles Bitterbaum, 148 words