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  1. The AAUGH Blog
    “for Peanuts book news and views.” By Nat Gertler. 🇺🇸

    Peanuts Adventures
    Every once in a while, a Peanuts book slips by me. That’s particularly true of a book like Peanuts Adventures, a book that didn’t get distributed through the standard book distribution means. This book was …
    By Nat, 290 words

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  2. Art by Jey Pawlik
    “Illustration, fanart, and comics.” 🇨🇦

    Pokemon from Memory – 21
    This is where it gets tough
    By Jey Pawlik, 11 words

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  3. Atomic Junk Shop
    “Celebrating the Unpopular Arts.”

    The Greg Hatcher Legacy Files #22: ‘Friday’s Annual Inventory, 2009 Edition’
    Let's cull the pull list once more! The post The Greg Hatcher Legacy Files #22: ‘Friday’s Annual Inventory, 2009 Edition’ appeared first on Atomic Junk Shop.
    By Greg Hatcher, 37 words

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  4. Bear Alley
    “Somewhere I can talk about my favourite subjects: old British comics, story papers and paperbacks.” By Steve. 🇬🇧

    Comic Cuts — 17 March 2023
    We have lived through some interesting times this week, so there's a bit of excitement to alleviate the tranquil work week I usually describe. I'm the first to admit that my life is, on the …
    By Steve, 79 words

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  5. The Comics Curmudgeon
    By Josh Fruhlinger. 🇺🇸

    Can’t believe they’re trapped on a boat with that guy
    Comics Curmudgeon readers! Do you love this blog and yearn for a novel written by its creator? Well, good news: Josh Fruhlinger's The Enthusiast is that novel! It's even about newspaper comic strips, partly. Check …
    By Josh, 236 words

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  6. Comics Worth Reading
    “Independent Opinions, News, and Reviews of Graphic Novels, Manga, and Comic Books.” By Johanna Draper Carlson. 🇺🇸

    Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia Part Two
    The fan-favorite storyline concludes in this volume, collecting the four issues of the miniseries. The previous book ended with John coming face-to-face with Irene Adler, thought to be dead, in a mysterious, deserted power station. …
    By Johanna, 88 words

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  7. The Entire Kitchen Sink NEW
    “An Entirely Ill-Advised Reading of all Comics Published by Kitchen Sink Press.”

    1996: Art & Beauty Magazine
    Art & Beauty Magazine (1996) #1 by Robert Crumb I’ve got the Fantagraphics edition of this here, but I assume the Kitchen Sink one was just the same. So it’s a bunch of (really good) …
    By larsmagne23, 655 words

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  8. The FiveCentsPlease Blog
    “News and interesting stuff about the world of Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts.” By Derrick Bang, Scott McGuire. 🇺🇸

    A Charlie Brown Christmas streams for free from December 22 - 25, 2022 on Apple TV
    Bah, humbug! For the first time in 57 years, A Charlie Brown Christmas will not be shown on broadcast television.Instead, in 2022, the beloved Christmas special will only be available to stream for free - …
    By Scott McGuire, 204 words

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  9. Fleen
    “The webcomics blog about webcomics.” By Gary Tyrrell. 🇺🇸

    Slowly, Slowly
    Slowly, slowly I am finding myself drawn back into [web]comics, the discourse around them, and the having of Opinions. A’course, it’s pretty easy to find the will to write when Matt Bors drops you a …
    By Gary Tyrrell, 847 words

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  10. Matthew Bogart
    “Comics that will make you laugh and break your heart.” 🇺🇸

    PATREON VIDEO: The almost plot of Incredible Doom Issue # 1
    💡I'm sharing the creation of my next big comic project with patrons. Join us if you want to see it take shape from the very start!As Jesse and I start work on our next comic, …
    By Matthew Bogart, 151 words

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  11. Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin
    “Mystery — Thrills — Action — Since 1969.” 🇺🇸

    The spirit was willing…
    …but my old body was weak, as I sat down last night to write an entry, and then I woke up three hours later, well after midnight, sitting in my computer chair. Sadly, elves did …
    By Mikester, 70 words

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  12. The Patron Saint of Superheroes NEW
    “Chris Gavaler Explores the Multiverse of Comics, Pop Culture, and Politics.” 🇺🇸

    ChatGPT vs GOD
    Chatbots, like ChatGBT which launched last November, are not new. Generative Online Dialogue, AKA G.O.D., launched in 2009. The following was published in the Hudson Review that spring. As the narrator (coincidentally named Chris) explains, …
    By Chris Gavaler, 4,565 words

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    “A comic book site about European comic books (DB) by veteran industry analyst Augie De Blieck Jr.” 🇺🇸

    European Lettering
    It's Letterer Appreciation Day 2022! Let's take a look at four things I've noticed in reading Franco-Belgian comics.This is the audio from this video: the Pipeline mission by becoming a Patron: Notes: me …
    By Augie De Blieck Jr., 41 words

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  14. Science fiction comics | Bad Space
    “Short, sharp, shocks in 10 panels. Science, horror and great art. Stare into the abyss with Bad Space comics.” By Scott Base. 🇳🇿

    By imscottbase, 1 word

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  15. - Established 2003 NEW
    “illustration/cartooning by David Lee Ingersoll.” 🇺🇸

    Skook Words (and Pictures) #10
    Happy Friday! Happy St. Patty’s Day! As far as I know, I’ve no Irish in my ancestry. I will be wearing green today – unintentionally. I grabbed a green shirt from the drawer when I …
    By skook, 419 words

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    “The Comics Super Blog!” By JK Parkin, Stephanie Chan, Brigid Alverson, et al. 🇨🇦 🇺🇸

    Marvel’s Pride special will introduce an X-Men team, a new Nightshade and more
    Marvel has announced details for this year’s Pride special, which will once again come under the Marvel’s Voices banner in June. And like previous specials, which introduced new characters like Escapade and Somnus, this one …
    By JK Parkin, 336 words

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  17. Steve Does Comics
    “Comic book blathering from the backyard of nostalgia.” By Steve W. 🇬🇧

    Speak Your Brain! Part 49.
    Thanks to Charlie Horse 47 and Killdumpster for their sponsorship of this post, via the magic of Patreon. ***Image by Tumisufrom PixabaySpeak Your Brain. Can nothing stop it?Not a single thing.Such is the scale of …
    By Steve W., 384 words

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