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Big Data, Plainly Spoken (aka Numbers Rule Your World)

Comments on how data science, algorithms, software shape current events.

  • By Kaiser Fung
  • Based in United States of America
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Ethical dilemmas poll: results post
Update on 8-29-2023 Last week, I put up a poll that asks users what they would do if faced with some ethical dilemmas that arise on the business side of data science. I'm presenting the …
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If it's an RCT, it can be trusted
I've written often about the problems with conducting observational studies. We like to hold up randomized controlled trials (RCTs) as the "gold standard," and if a study is described as an RCT, and especially if …
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Know your data 34: the best defense is offense
There really is not much more to say than to print the first sentence of this Bloomberg artcile (link): Facebook owner Meta Platforms Inc. for years paid a contractor to scrape data from other websites …
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