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Blogs about Mathematics

25 blogs about Mathematics.

  1. 11011110
    “Geometry, graphs, algorithms, and more.” By David Eppstein. 🇺🇸

    Soddy’s quadlet
    Soddy’s hexlet is a famous system of nine spheres in three-dimensional Euclidean space, consisting of a ring of six spheres, tangent in consecutive pairs, and a ring of three spheres, tangent in pairs, with every …
    By David Eppstein, 1,209 words

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  2. Abakcus
    “The best curation site for only math and science.” By Ali Kaya.

    30+ Best Math Proof Books to Learn Mathematical Thinking
    A mathematical proof is a rigorous argument based on straightforward logical rules to convince other mathematicians that a statement is true. A minor deficiency in a proof can spoil the whole argument!
    By Ali Kaya, 41 words

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  3. Biased and Inefficient
    “I’m a statistical researcher in Auckland.” By Thomas Lumley. 🇳🇿

    Pairwise likelihood and cluster sizes
    So, I’m working on svylme again, for linear mixed models under complex sampling. It uses pairwise likelihood, following the basic idea from the Canadians, but extending it to settings where the design structure and model …
    84 words

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  4. Big Data, Plainly Spoken (aka Numbers Rule Your World)
    “Comments on how data science, algorithms, software shape current events.” By Kaiser Fung. 🇺🇸

    NYT in story-first mode
    NYT published a brain-dead article filled with statistical fallacies (link). Since the Times has people on staff who know statistics, the real explanation for such an article is "story-first thinking". Data mined to support a …
    By junkcharts, 743 words

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  5. A Cluttered Mind
    “Math, anecdotes, recipes.”

    Singular Value Decomposition
    $\newcommand\R{\mathbb{R}}\newcommand\C{\mathbb{C}}\newcommand\Z{\mathbb{Z}}$ The singular value decomposition is usually defined for a matrix. Here, we will show directly that any linear map between inner product spaces has a singular value decomposition. The singular value decomposition of a …
    694 words

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  6. Combinatorics and more
    “Gil Kalai's blog.” 🇮🇱

    Questions and Concerns About Google’s Quantum Supremacy Claim
    Yosi Rinott, Tomer Shoham, and I wrote our third paper regarding our statistical study of the Google 2019 supremacy experiment. Our paper presents statistical analysis that may shed light on the quality and reliability of …
    By Gil Kalai, 2,379 words

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  7. Computational Complexity
    “Computational Complexity and other fun stuff in math and computer science.” By Lance Fortnow, Bill Gasarch. 🇺🇸

    Quantifiers: To Parenthesize or not to Parenthesize? Matrix of Formula: To Bracket or not to Bracket?
    For the book Computational Intractability: A Guide to Algorithmic Lower Boundsby Demaine-Gasarch-Hajiaghayi (See here for a link to a first draft.) we had to make some choices about which notation to use. One of the …
    By gasarch, 645 words

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  8. Error Statistics Philosophy
    By Deborah G. Mayo. 🇺🇸

    David R. Cox Foundations of Statistics Award
    Link to announcement on ASA website. First Winner . Nancy Reid University of Toronto For contributions to the foundations of statistics that significantly advanced the frontiers of statistics and for insight that transformed understanding of …
    By Mayo, 491 words

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  9. Un garçon pas comme les autres (Bayes) NEW
    “A blog about statistics, I guess.” By Dan Simpson. 🇺🇸

    Diffusion models; or Yet another way to sample from an arbitrary distribution
    The other day I went to the cinema and watched M3GAN, a true movie masterpiece1 about the death and carnage that ensues when you simply train your extremely complex ML model and don’t do proper …
    By Dan Simpson, 5,725 words

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  10. George Shakan NEW
    “Math and Machine Learning Blog.” 🇺🇸

    Truthfulness of AI models like Chat GPT
    Large language models, have improved and become more main stream. I discuss this in the video below with AI Researcher Xavier Garcia.
    By George Shakan, 29 words

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  11. Girls' Angle NEW
    “A Math Club for Girls.” 🇺🇸

    Girls’ Angle Bulletin, Volume 16, Number 4
    This issue’s interviewee is Katharine Ott, who is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Bates College. In this interview, which was conducted by Ken Fan and Raegan Phillips, Katharine discusses a wide range of topics, …
    By girlsangle, 545 words

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  12. Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP
    “a personal view of the theory of computation.” By Kenneth W. Regan, Richard Lipton. 🇺🇸

    Topping the Hat
    An “einstein” that doesn’t need flipping Siobhan Roberts is a Canadian science journalist, biographer, and historian of mathematics. She has an article that appeared in print in yesterday’s New York Times. It is on a …
    By RJLipton+KWRegan, 855 words

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  13. Joel David Hamkins
    “mathematics and philosophy of the infinite.” 🇺🇸

    A deflationary account of Fregean abstraction in set theory, with Basic Law V as a ZFC theorem, Paris PhilMath Intersem 2023
    This will be a talk for the Axe Histoire et Philosophie des mathématiques, Séminaire PhilMath Intersem 2023, a collaborative event sponsored by the University of Notre Dame and le laboratoire SPHERE, Paris. The Intersem runs …
    By Joel David Hamkins, 65 words

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  14. John D. Cook Consulting
    “Consulting in mathematical analysis, from modeling to implementation to interpretation.” 🇺🇸

    Trig crossings and root of gold
    Here’s a curious fact. The graphs of cotangent and secant cross at the same height as the graphs of tangent and cosecant, and this common height is the square root of the golden ratio φ. …
    By John, 116 words

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  15. Mathspp Blog
    “A blog dedicated to mathematics and programming!” By Rodrigo Girão Serrão. 🇵🇹

    Properties | Pydon't 🐍
    Learn how to use properties to add dynamic behaviour to your attributes. (If you are new here and have no idea what a Pydon't is, you may want to read the Pydon't Manifesto.) Introduction Properties, …
    502 words

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  16. The n-Category Café
    “A group blog on math, physics and philosophy.”

    Commutative Separable Algebras III
    I wrote two blog articles on this theme back in 2010: Commutative separable algebras. Commutative separable algebras II. Now for rather different reasons I’m returning to it. A separable algebra AA over a commutative ring …
    By john, 1,076 words

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  17. Persiflage
    “Galois Representations and more!” 🇺🇸

    Google and Franck
    I have a google play (which plays streaming music) and it’s really terrible for classical music. If you choose virtually any piece of classical music and then flip forward three songs you invariably end up …
    By Persiflage, 47 words

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  18. Pieter Belmans — blog
    “My mathematical interests are in algebraic geometry, noncommutative algebra and higher structures.” 🇱🇺

    Fortnightly links (169)
    Henning Krause: Completions of triangulated categories are lecture notes on (you'd never guess) completions of triangulated categories. It's amazing how useful completion has turned out to be in this subject, and these lecture notes are …
    185 words

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  19. Quomodocumque
    “Math, Madison, food, the Orioles, books, my kids.” By Jordan S. Ellenberg. 🇺🇸

    Giants 15, Brewers 1
    I like a close, hard-fought game as much as the next baseball fan, and I’ve seen a lot of those lately, but there is a peculiar and specific pleasure to the game in which the …
    By JSE, 312 words

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  20. Sharon Lohr — Blog
    “Sharon Lohr researches and writes about statistics: where they come from, how to interpret them, and how to tell the good statistics from the bad.” 🇺🇸

    Enhancing Survey Programs by Using Multiple Data Sources
    You saw the workshop, now read the book. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report Toward a 21st Century National Data Infrastructure: Enhancing Survey Programs by Using Multiple Data Sources is available for …
    By Sharon Lohr, 299 words

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