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Small Scale World

Plastic Toys Soldiers, everything plastic, toy or military, including farm, zoo, space, Wild West, and all other plastic toys, models and playthings, logos, lingos, company histories and nomenclature.

  • By Hugh Walter
  • Based in United Kingdom
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Jun 2023 15
Jul 2023 26
Aug 2023 51
Sep 2023 31
Oct 2023 58
Nov 2023 60
Dec 2023 34

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Most recent posts

S is for ♪♪♫ Spaceman I always wanted you to go Into space, man ♪♫♫♪
D'yer remember the blow-moulded astronaut I tempted myself into in Primark a few years ago, about the only thing I've ever bought there, apart from socks or T-shirts, or the Pearlescent one I found a …
On , by Hugh Walter, 77 words
W is for Who Made Who!
Bit of a surprise when these turned-up, as they looked familiar, but, err . . . better! Obviously I knew of Minikins, they are in Garratt, where he both spelt them wrong, and was pretty …
On , by Hugh Walter, 81 words
M is for Merry Mass of Malleable Model Mayhem! 2 - Animals
So, we're into the thematic posts, I hid most of the Pirate shots, this morning, in the ITLAPD zone for next year, so we're down a post, but there's a 'what can you see' shot, …
On , by Hugh Walter, 88 words