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Blogs about Modelmaking

22 blogs about Modelmaking.

  1. 30Squares
    “I write about making miniature things with detours into a few other arts, crafts, and sciences.” By J D Lowe. 🇨🇦

    Going for a ride 100 years ago in Toronto
    I clipped this image from the larger one shown at the bottom of this post. The picture is from my cousin's collection of family photos. I'm trying to figure out what street this is, and …
    By J D Lowe, 180 words

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    “A blog about a 009 narrow gauge model of the Ffestiniog Railway and Welsh Highland Railway.” By Rob Waller. 🇬🇧

    Minffordd Update: A Little Realignment
    Himself hasn't had so much time available to make great leaps forward on the layout in the last few weeks, but there is a little bit of progress to report this time.Having first had to …
    By Rob Waller, 277 words

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  3. The Brushpainter
    “Put Down the Airbrush and BREATHE.” 🇺🇸

    What Should My Next Project Be? (Sort-of a Poll…..)
    My next project will be a “natural metal” finish on a 1/72 scale kit. But WHICH kit??? Let me know if you have an opinion by posting your preference below in the comments… PLEASE choose …
    By Brushpainter, 120 words

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  4. Carmen's Fun Painty Time
    “28mm and 40mm scale painting and building, projects, tutorials and tips.”

    Yaji and Kita
    I finished painting a few more civilian figures for my 40mm Japanese collection. These are, from left, a well-to-do traveller, and famous adventurers Yaji and Kita.Who are Yaji and Kita? They are the main characters …
    By Evilcartoonist, 207 words

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  5. Chris Ford model railways
    “A blog about model railways, model railroads, model buildings, model scenery, trains, locomotives and model layouts and diorama.” 🇬🇧

    North Leith
    Back when I was in short trousers, RM published a RoM article called North Leith (Sept 78). This may well have been North Korea to me at the time, but I found the scene fascinating …
    By Chris Ford, 304 words

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  6. Chris Nevard Model Railways Blog
    “I've been into photography, railways and modelling them in miniature for over 40 years.” 🇬🇧

    Front End Friday
    It’s front end Friday again, aka #FEF for hashtag fanatics and collectors. Here we are at Catcott, and it looks like Bob Geeza Cat is about to leap onto locomotive footplates again after his successful …
    By Chris Nevard Model Railways, 206 words

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  7. The chronicles of the Isle of Stoner
    “A blog about my 009 modelling and The Isle of Stoner Railway.” By Lord Stoner. 🇬🇧

    That was quick
    Well my little diversion is virtually finished. Amazing how fast I can build a small project while prevaricating. I painted the rocks and earth with the usual acrylic paints and coloured the mdf paving/platform with …
    By Lord Stoner, 123 words

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  8. esngblog
    “The East Surrey N Gauge blog keeps you up to date with what’s happening in the club, and gives news and views on N-gauge modelling generally.” 🇬🇧

    Valley City Street & Interurban Railway
    Whilst we’re off playing trains for the day, here’s a little layout suggestion. I’ve always rather liked this Model Railroader plan from 2002. The Valley City Street & Interurban Railway was a real 1.2 mile …
    By snitchthebudgie, 339 words

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  9. Gallimore Railroading
    “A blog about model trains and other hobby projects.” By Galen Gallimore.

    No Regerts
    Yes, I know, but Regerts is funnier, and the meme fits the post. Last night I was asked a great question about my diorama; "Was there anything I'd do differently, or anything that didn't come …
    By Galen Gallimore, 338 words

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  10. Kanada Rail
    “Model rail line in Kanata Ontario Canada.” 🇨🇦

    Before and After
    Some before and after pictures of 3D model buildings for the Disney World section of the layout. 3D models were from GoldRushBay and painted & detailed by me.Hot air BalloonFire HallCrystal PalaceEmporiumRiver BelleWDW StationGeneral StoreHaunted …
    By Kanada Rail, 39 words

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  11. Magpie and Old Lead
    By axiom.

    Always Plugged In - Crooked Dice Hacker Kid
    As I'm tidying up some loose ends, I picked a random figure out of my pending pile last night to paint. This time it's a juvenile hacker I'd intended to hang around with my other …
    By axiom, 58 words

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  12. The modelling workbench of James Hilton...

    Hilton and Mears: The doing…
    And on my walk, I’d pause here by the gate near where 417 is usually resting. Once upon a time it needed to be doing something but over time it’s ‘being’ was the something and …
    By James H, 87 words

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  13. Model Railroad Minutiae
    “Modeling and modeling ideas for my 1939 era HO model railroad - the Royal Oak & Southern, plus other things I find of interest.” By Stan Knotts. 🇺🇸

    Industrial Supply shop model
    This shop supplies parts, tools and equipment to various small industries. This is a front view. There will be no photo of the back of the building as there is nothing of interest to see …
    By Stan Knotts, 116 words

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  14. Phil's Workbench
    “A daily updated blog typed by someone with painty hands, oil under his fingernails and the smell of solder in his nostrils who likes making all sort of models and miniatures. And fixing things.” By Phil Parker. 🇬🇧

    Saturday Film Club: Making Minifigs
    OK, I love learning how things are made, and find the machines used to do it fascinating. A Lego mini figure is quite a simple toy, but the process to produce one, and the kit …
    56 words

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  15. Pottendorf
    By Tim Hale.

    On the road in the ‘50s
    There are no private vehicles on Pottendorf, only agricultural vehicles, an old truck, a couple of light vans and a postbus. However US Army vehicles were entirely appropriate for the ‘50s in Oberfranken thanks to …
    162 words

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  16. Prince Street
    By Chris Mears. 🇨🇦

    Video 6: glue-paint-napkins-jute
    Up early and first coffees on. There’s an energy in me that feels of a curious nature and can’t be calmed in the pages of this week’s books. There’s always something to do on the …
    By Chris Mears, 46 words

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  17. Sky River Dolls NEW
    By Vega.

    Spring casual
    2 words

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  18. Small Scale World
    “Plastic Toys Soldiers, everything plastic, toy or military, including farm, zoo, space, Wild West, and all other plastic toys, models and playthings, logos, lingos, company histories and nomenclature.” By Hugh Walter. 🇬🇧

    C is for Contributions to Charity Coffers!
    I've not been 'doing' the Charity Shops in the last few years with the same diligence I used to, not enough time/inclination, and a different life-routine means I just don't pass them like I did, …
    By Hugh Walter, 81 words

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  19. Southern Railway, Fisherton Sarum, Canute Road Quay & Westhill Road
    “The model railway world and mainly Southern Railway meanderings of Graham 'Muz' Muspratt.” 🇬🇧

    Driving the last spike… Canute Road Quay on the road in September and October
    Canute Road Quay is appearing at a few exhibitions this month and next. Adams B4s Guernsey and Caen shunt at Canute Road Quay in the early 1920s First up, on Saturday 30th September 2023, I …
    By grahammuz, 308 words

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  20. SteelonSandBlog
    “A record of various projects involving smaller scale Wargaming Miniatures...”

    15mm Terminator: Junkyard Dogs
    I’ve started work on sourcing and painting up some scenic elements and terrain for the 15mm Terminator project, and am kicking things off with some wrecked cars and a suitably scrappy junkyard.I’ve found that 15mm …
    By SteelonSand, 601 words

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