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Blogs about Modelmaking

10 blogs about Modelmaking.

  1. 30Squares
    “I write about making miniature things with detours into a few other arts, crafts, and sciences.” By J D Lowe. 🇨🇦

    The E. L. Moore eBook is done….and it’s free!
    First things first. The book is available in two formats: pdf and ePub. Download whichever one you like, or both, they’re free:The Model Buildings of E. L. Moore (pdf)The Model Buildings of E. L. Moore …
    By J D Lowe, 542 words

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    “A blog about a 009 narrow gauge model of the Ffestiniog Railway and Welsh Highland Railway.” By Rob Waller. 🇬🇧

    Minffordd Progress
    I've just arrived back from my almost-weekly inspection visits to see the progress Himself is making on the new mini-Minffordd project and thought I would share some images.A lot of the time - and brain …
    By Rob Waller, 300 words

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  3. Chris Nevard Model Railways Blog
    “I've been into photography, railways and modelling them in miniature for over 40 years.” 🇬🇧

    Andrew & Barclay
    It’s Monochrome Monday again, and because the colour meter isn’t topped up until Tuesday morning, and because of colour overuse during the week prior, it usually runs out on Sunday night resulting in Monday’s monochrome …
    By Chris Nevard Model Railways, 182 words

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  4. esngblog
    “The East Surrey N Gauge blog keeps you up to date with what’s happening in the club, and gives news and views on N-gauge modelling generally.” 🇬🇧

    Potpourri #1068
    Making good progress with the bubble cars. A second wagon is complete, and more wagons and cars are under way. Hopefully, they will be completed by next weekend. The most time consuming bit is the …
    By snitchthebudgie, 292 words

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  5. Hafenecke NEW

    Bayernhafen Bamberg
    In the large image at the top of the blog, there are some interesting features, to help understand the image this is a map of the Bamberger industrial system where the lines from the Baywa …
    129 words

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  6. The modelling workbench of James Hilton...

    What if? Proto-freelance RailCymru…
    In North America ‘proto-freelance’ is an approach to model railroads where a respect for railway operation and practice is blended with make believe to create a plausible ‘what if’ railroad. Although some do stretch the …
    By James H, 359 words

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  7. Phil's Workbench
    “A daily updated blog typed by someone with painty hands, oil under his fingernails and the smell of solder in his nostrils who likes making all sort of models and miniatures. And fixing things.” By Phil Parker. 🇬🇧

    Steam tram boiler
    Work on the steam tram has been very limited recently, but I have had time to look at the boiler. 3D printed on a filament printer, it needs some smoothing. My plan involved a coat …
    139 words

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  8. Pottendorf
    By Tim Hale.

    Tiny Klv
    In 1986, we visited the DFS in Ebermannstadt and we were invited to travel along the line in a Klv12, it was tiny. I never thought that an HO version would be available, until I …
    196 words

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  9. Prince Street NEW
    By Chris Mears. 🇨🇦

    “See you at the Queen City Express”
    We often describe ourselves, in this hobby, as “lone wolves” because our vocabulary is biased toward narrating our experience in only terms of our output, the models we make and the stuff of our collections. …
    By Chris Mears, 50 words

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  10. West Halton Sidings NEW
    “A bit of North Lincolnshire on the North Lindsey Light Railway.” By James Wells. 🇬🇧

    An Austin Allegro
    Advert for the Austin Allegro 2 I really like making road vehicles – when I was younger I spent a lot of time building and repainting buses – most still exist,stored at my parents’ house. …
    By James Wells, 479 words

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