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Plainly & Painfully

lo-fi, muck and jangle // garage and bedroom banished.

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2022 5
2023 21
2024 3

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TRACK | Little Oil – Hey Judas
5/5 golden merles Coming 2nd among Twelve Songs, Little Oil’s “Hey Judas” is a psych-folk tune composed of deftly piercing hooks dispensing immense compassion. Piano’s plonk and murmuring synths ferry the arbitration neatly forward, familiar …
On , by z-s, 237 words
COMP | Este Sinte Mata Fascistas
5/5 golden merles New compilation from Argentina in the wake of the December inauguration of the libertarian hatchetman and fascist clown Javier Milei. In the absence of simply gawking in terror at the spectacle of …
On , by z-s, 252 words
COMP | Palestine Solidarity Compilation
5/5 golden merles The Palestine Solidarity Compilation is one of the most stacked comps of the era and for the cause eating at the conscience of the world. Just look at the list for many …
On , by z-s, 251 words