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Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week | SV-POW!

All sauropod vertebrae, except when we're talking about Open Access.

  • By Michael P. Taylor, Mathew J. Wedel, Darren Naish
  • Based in United Kingdom and United States of America
  • Roughly one post per week
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Mar 2023 5
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Most recent posts

Single-segment neck muscles in diplodocids?
I don’t remember now when I first noticed bifurcated cervical ribs in apatosaurines. I imagine 2016 at the latest, because on our Sauropocalypse that year Mike and I saw examples at both BYU and Dinosaur …
On , by Matt Wedel, 687 words
What dorsal processes on cervical ribs tell us about neck muscles and their functions
Bifurcated and incipiently bifurcated cervical ribs of sauropods. A, Moabosaurus utahensis holotype individual, left cervical rib BYU 14063 (not right as stated by Britt et al. 2017), probably associated with C5, in medial view. B, …
On , by Matt Wedel, 1,141 words
A simple, old-school paper about bifurcated cervical ribs
Everybody(*) knows that the turiasaurian sauropod Moabosaurus has bifurcated cervical ribs: it was all anyone was talking about back when that animal was described (Britt et al. 2017). We’ve featured the best rib here before, …
On , by Mike Taylor, 548 words