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Grace Kingsley's Hollywood

One hundred year old news and gossip, compiled by Lisle Foote.

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Most recent posts

A Scene-Stealing ‘Fish’: December 1923
The Galloping Fish told the story of a vaudevillian with a diving act (Louise Fazenda) and her trained seal Bubbles. She and her boyfriend George (Ford Sterling) get mixed up as a fake fiancée and …
On , by Lisle Foote, 1,571 words
The Genuine Alaska: November 1923
One hundred years ago this month, Grace Kingsley interviewed writer/director Lewis H. Moomaw, who was in town to preview his film, Chechakos*. Named after the indigenous people’s word for newcomers, it was the first feature …
On , by Lisle Foote, 2,372 words
Keep the Wrong Ones Out: October 1923
One hundred years ago this month, Grace Kingsley mentioned a new policy at the movie studios: Public is invited! Tourists and others who have been disappointed by the recent order closing studios to visitors will …
On , by Lisle Foote, 1,818 words