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Grace Kingsley's Hollywood

One hundred year old news and gossip, compiled by Lisle Foote.

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Most recent posts

An Intrepid Cameraman: June 1924
Alfred Jacquemin, 1944 One hundred years ago this month, Grace Kingsley heard about another hardy soul filming in Alaska, joining the parade that included Norman Dawn in 1922 and Lewis Moomaw in 1923 (who knew …
On , by Lisle Foote, 1,201 words
Watch Out for Comics: May 1924
Dorothy Devore One hundred years ago this month, Grace Kingsley interviewed a star of two-reel comedies, “bright-eyed little sprite” Dorothy Devore. She had just finished up a five-year long contract with Christie Comedies, and she …
On , by Lisle Foote, 2,138 words
Things To Come: April 1924
Chaplin’s reproduction of the rugged camp really did clutter the base of some precipitous cliffs! One hundred years ago this month, Grace Kingsley reported on a movie that lots of people were looking forward to: …
On , by Lisle Foote, 1,583 words