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Julian Hoffman

Notes from Near and Far.

  • By Julian Hoffman
  • Based in Greece
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2020 3
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2022 1
2023 0
2024 0

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Most recent posts

The Spirit of the Wetlands
“For more than two decades now I’ve lived alongside the pelicans of the Prespa lakes in northern Greece. These birds are—for so many, residents and visitors alike—simply an astonishing and seamless part of being here. …
On , by julianhoffman, 67 words
The Wild Nearby
He stood in cold sunlight beside the bus shelter, dressed in a dark overcoat and matching suit, a leather briefcase hanging from one hand. Unlike the rest of us, the man had his back to …
On , by julianhoffman, 64 words
Restoring Wetlands: a path into the future
We never know what might act as a spark when it comes to the natural world. It could be some profound and magnetic encounter with a wild animal or a commonplace connection with our local …
On , by julianhoffman, 71 words