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Infrequently published reports from the world of front-end development with a focus on accessibility, web performance, CSS and 11ty.

  • By Søren Birkemeyer
  • Based in Germany
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Posts per year

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Posts per year
Year starting Posts
2014 10
2015 8
2016 2
2017 1
2018 8
2019 53
2020 47
2021 5
2022 0
2023 0
2024 0

Any gaps could be due to errors when fetching the blog’s feed.

Most recent posts

Building on the shoulders of giants
Two weeks ago, I noticed a tweet by Jason Lengstorf about a Netlify project called Dusty Domains. The idea: use a domain that you registered but never actually used, "ship a site to Netlify and …
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The many languages of front-end development
I have been working on a series of web forms lately. At the end of many days, I often had not made much actual progress, but my brain felt like a fried vegetable anyway. While …
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The Healing Power of Javascript | WIRED
Ellen Ullman writes in her book Life in Code: A Personal History of Technology, 'Until I became a programmer, I didn't thoroughly understand the usefulness of such isolation: the silence, the reduction of life to …
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