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Blogs about Front-end web development

48 blogs about Front-end web development.

  1. Adactio: Journal
    “The thoughts and ramblings of Jeremy Keith, a web developer living in Brighton in southern England.” 🇬🇧

    Another three speakers for UX London 2023
    I know I’m being tease, doling out these UX London speaker announcements in batches rather than one big reveal. Indulge me in my suspense-ratcheting behaviour. Today I’d like to unveil three speakers whose surnames start …
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  2. Adactio: Links
    “Hyperlinks hand-picked by Jeremy Keith.” 🇬🇧

    The perfect link - The A11Y Collective
    How do we write, design, and code a link that works for everyone on every device? Let’s dive into the world of creating the perfect link, without making a pig’s breakfast of it.
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  3. Adam Argyle
    “Website for Adam Argyle: Teacher, Speaker, CSSWG member, and creator of Open Props and VisBug.” 🇺🇸

    6 Css Snippets Every Front End Developer Should Know In 2023
    🆕 post on 6 CSS snippets every front-end developer should know in 2023 Toolbelt worthy, powerful, and stable CSS you can use today.

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  4. Adrian Roselli — Consultant, Writer, Speaker
    “I have worked with companies of all sizes, from independents to Fortune 5s, to help stand up accessibility teams and processes.” 🇺🇸

    #AudioEye Will Get You Sued
    This post was written in early 2022 and sat in a corner of my site, hidden from the world, after AudioEye sent me a legal threat over a handful of tweets in April 2022. I …
    By Adrian Roselli, 3,381 words

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  5. Andy Bell | Blog
    “A designer, front-end developer and design agency founder—based in the UK.” 🇬🇧

    How AI and Crypto combined, are the future of the web
    I explore that although AI and Crypto get bad press, they really are a powerful duo.
    By Andy Bell, 27 words

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  6. annualbeta
    “Infrequently published reports from the world of front-end development with a focus on accessibility, web performance, CSS and 11ty.” By Søren Birkemeyer. 🇩🇪

    Building on the shoulders of giants
    Two weeks ago, I noticed a tweet by Jason Lengstorf about a Netlify project called Dusty Domains. The idea: use a domain that you registered but never actually used, "ship a site to Netlify and …
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  7. bitsofcode
    “Articles on front-end development. Written by Ire Aderinokun, Frontend Developer and UI Designer.” 🇳🇬

    From Ghost to 11ty
    Over 5 years ago, I migrated this blog From Jekyll to Ghost. Back then, my reasons for moving to Ghost where because - I wanted a CMS Managing all the posts’ raw markdown files in …
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  8. Brad Frost | Blog
    “Design Systems Consulting, Web Development, Workshops, and Music.” 🇺🇸

    Some thoughts on AI’s impact on digital design and development
    I drive my kiddo to school in the morning, and my 12-minute return trip home is a fruitful time to think and prepare for my day. I had the realization that my little drive home …
    By Brad Frost, 2,953 words

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    “A rather geeky/technical weblog.” By Bramus Van Damme. 🇧🇪

    CSS Trigonometric Functions land in Chrome 111
    Chrome 111 went stable this week. One of its many features is support for Trigonometric Functions in CSS. That means that you can now use cos(), sin(), tan(), and friends inside of calc()! That also …
    By Bramus!, 87 words

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  10. - Blog
    “I'm a designer, developer and teacher based in Brighton, Mich.” By Bryan Robinson. 🇺🇸

    11ty Second 11ty: Creating Template Filters
    11ty Template filters are ways of manipulating data in a variable tag in your template language of choice. Each template language brings it’s own set and 11ty adds a few defaults, as well. Using a …
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  11. - Writing
    “Hi, I'm cassie I like making fun, interactive things with code. I also talk & write about those things.” By Cassie Evans. 🇬🇧

    Modern Frontends
    I've spoken at a lot of events this year, some small community events, some large multitrack conferences, some meetups. All the events have had one thing in common. Organisers who care. Organisers who care about …
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  12. Cathy Dutton
    “A collection of my posts and tutorials on Design, User Experience, CSS, PostCSS, and Front End Development.” 🇬🇧

    Designing whole services
    A follow-up to a space for service design. The first Government project I worked on was a licensing service. As part of the project, the license numbers were updated. That change stopped users from being …
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  13. Chen Hui Jing NEW
    “The chronicles of a self-taught designer and developer.” 🇸🇬

    Debugging Firefox on Android
    I just figured out how to get my Android phone recognised by Android Debug Bridge (adb) on my MacBook, which finally allowed me to remote debug websites on Firefox Android. Just so I don’t forget …
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  14. Chris Burnell · The Homepage
    “I’m Chris Burnell, a Canadian Front End Developer, and this is where I think, write, and share my passion for the web.” 🇬🇧

    Copilot me if you can
    On the 17th of November, I received a notification that I’d been mentioned on Twitter by someone I didn’t recognise. Since I don’t get a lot of mentions — maybe because I don’t tweet very …
    462 words

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  15. Clagnut by Richard Rutter
    “The online home and blog of Richard Rutter, cofounder of Clearleft and Fontdeck. Here he writes about web typography, human-centred design, Brighton, music and occasionally cycling.” 🇬🇧

    Preventing too-short final lines of text blocks
    At the end my previous post, I said I’d settle for direct control over widows and orphans in text blocks. It turns out not to be quite as a simple as one might think, with …
    58 words

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  16. Cloud Four – Articles
    “We share what we learn so we can build a better web, together.” 🇺🇸

    ChatGPT gives Cloud Four (incorrect) awards
    Intrigued and uneasy. That’s how I would describe my feelings about the latest wave of AI tools that seem to have appeared overnight. ChatGPT was the first tool I played around with, and I immediately …
    By Megan Notarte, 581 words

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  17. CSS { In Real Life }
    “Tips, tricks and tutorials on the web’s most beautiful language.” By Michelle Barker. 🇬🇧

    Creating VS Code Snippets to Speed Up Workflow
    Writing code can be repetitive, and many developers (myself included) opt to make our lives easier by configuring our code editor of choice to auto-complete common statements in the given coding language. My own preferred …
    737 words

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  18. CSS-Tricks
    “Tips, Tricks, and Techniques on using Cascading Style Sheets.”

    Making Calendars With Accessibility and Internationalization in Mind
    Doing a quick search here on CSS-Tricks shows just how many different ways there are to approach calendars. Some show how CSS Grid can create the layout efficiently. Some attempt to bring actual data into …
    By Mads Stoumann, 2,700 words

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  19. Daily Developer Tips | Go Make Things
    “Hate the complexity of modern front‑end web development?” By Chris Ferdinandi. 🇺🇸

    Three ways to structure utility libraries with vanilla JS
    Today, we’re going to look at three different ways to structure utility libraries. Let’s dig in! What’s a utility library For today’s article, we’re talking specifically about utility libraries: collections of useful functions. These are …
    868 words

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  20. David Darnes NEW
    “Designer, Front-end Developer & Writer specialising in Design Systems, Eleventy, Ghost and Jamstack.” 🇬🇧

    Post previews with Ghost, Eleventy & Netlify
    A while back, I updated my Eleventy plugin for Ghost so you get more data from your Ghost instance, including the ability to retrieve draft posts. Here's how I used it to preview draft posts …
    By David Darnes, 1,459 words

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