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Accessibility in government

This is for everyone: documenting how we rebuild inclusive digital services across government.

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How mobile apps undergo accessibility monitoring
As part of the Government Digital Service’s (GDS) mission to make digital government accessible for everyone, the GDS accessibility monitoring team has been testing UK public sector mobile applications (apps). This helps us check if …
On , by Andrew Hick - Senior Accessibility Specialist - Government Digital Service, 1,395 words
How organisations respond to accessibility monitoring
The Government Digital Service's mission is to make digital government simpler, clearer and faster for everyone. As part of this, GDS works right across government to make the content simple and accessible to all. The …
On , by Keeley Talbot - Accessibility Officer - Government Digital Service, 909 words
Making a positive change: PDF to HTML
Over 100 participants attended our live session on digital accessibility last November. As communicators, we must take care to make our content as easy to understand and accessible as possible. In order to promote designing …
On , by Samantha Merrett - Accessibility Lead - Food Standards Agency, 953 words