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My website for talking about games.

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2023 14
2024 1

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[THOUGHT] Star Ocean and Non-Person Characters
For me, the most important thing an RPG can do is make its setting feel like a real world inhabited by real people. Having recently played Star Ocean: The Divine Force and Star Ocean: The …
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[THOUGHT] Star Ocean: The Second Story R Ending Checklist
I’ve been playing Star Ocean: The Second Story R and loving it. Among the many improvements in this remake are some that make it much easier to collect different endings (much appreciated since there are …
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[THOUGHT] My Top Five Games of 2023
Based on how much joy they brought me, not on objective greatness. Star Ocean: The Second Story R Star Trek: Resurgence Sonic Frontiers Star Ocean: The Divine Force The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog Again, …
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