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Blogs about Video games

28 blogs about Video games.

  1. The Arcade Blogger
    “A blog celebrating the history and preservation of Classic Arcade Video Games from the 70s and 80s.” By Tony Temple. 🇬🇧

    The TDE Podcast Ep 27: Midway artist Paul Niemeyer
    Episode 27 of the Ted Dabney Experience podcast is available now for your listening pleasure! If you enjoy reading, you’ll love the other project I’m involved with: The Ted Dabney Experience Podcast episode 27. …
    By Tony, 277 words

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  2. Bad Game Hall of Fame
    “Dedicated to giving bad games the due process they deserve.” By Cassidy.

    Popeye (2021)
    "You'd Better Check Mr. Popeye, Is Your Switch Running Low?" After a thirteen year hiatus from video games, Popeye the Sailor Man staged his triumphant return to the format... by way of a studio known …
    By Cassidy, 56 words

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  3. Buried Treasure
    “Reviewing the indie games everyone else missed.” By John Walker.

    Nuclear Blaze
    PC, Linux While sorting through my ridiculous Steam backlog, I found myself wandering as far back as 2021 for games I have long intended to look at for Buried Treasure. Between the many misses I …
    By buriedtreasure, 685 words

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  4. The Candybox Blog
    “I make art that some people call games.” By Nathalie Lawhead.

    Indie Games and the promise of better spaces
    Idyll is a small social world designed around kinder forms of online conversation. That description alone couldn’t come at a more meaningful time. I’ve been eagerly watching the development of it over Twitter, and have …
    By alienmelon, 108 words

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  5. CD-ROM Journal
    “Exploring multimedia games and software of the 90s and beyond.” By Misty De Méo. 🇦🇺 🇨🇦

    The Strange History of Photo CD Games
    Humans love play, and humans are endlessly creative in finding ways to play no matter what. The history of video games is filled with designers finding ways to take interactive formats, no matter how limited, …
    4,236 words

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  6. Critical Distance
    “"Where is all the good writing about games?".”

    Florence Smith-Nicholls | Keywords in Play, Episode 25 Download “Keywords in Play” is an interview series about game research supported by Critical Distance and the Digital Games Research Association. This epsiode we speak with Florence Smith-Nicholls about the paper “The Dark Souls …
    By Emilie Reed, 283 words

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  7. The CRPG Addict
    “A blog in which a dedicated addict plays through all PC computer role-playing games (CRPGs), in chronological order.” By Chester Bolingbroke. 🇺🇸

    Serpent Isle: Red and Yellow, Kill a Fellow
    The party gets the whole potion thing figured out. In a recent comment, Adamantyr alerted me to the level of correspondence between Serpent Isle and the Lands of Danger and Despair in the original Ultima. …
    By CRPG Addict, 3,636 words

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  8. cRPG Blog
    “Index to the cRPG blog on cRPG history, reviews, rankings and design.”

    Evil Companions Baldur's Gate
    Evil Companions Baldur's GateEvil companions are Baldur's Gate companions of Evil alignment in BioWare's cRPG of 1998-2001, Baldur's Gate. Evil companions begin to complain if our reputation starts to rise, and may leave the party …
    By Lilura1, 71 words

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  9. The Digital Antiquarian
    “A history of computer entertainment and digital culture by Jimmy Maher.” 🇩🇰

    Spycraft: The Great Game, Part 2
    Warning: this article spoils the ending of Spycraft: The Great Game! On January 6, 1994, Activision announced in a press release that it was “teaming up with William Colby, the former head of the Central …
    By Jimmy Maher, 5,555 words

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  10. Distant Arcade
    “A gaming blog. We hope you enjoy all the future blogger fun time video games action we have in store.” By Luke Davis. 🇬🇧

    The SEGA Uranus: a modder’s handheld SEGA Saturn dream
    A modder named TZMWX has done the unthinkable (because why would anyone think of making this) and made a handheld version of the SEGA Saturn, called the SEGA Uranus. It’s currently a prototype but on …
    By lukealexdavis, 99 words

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  11. Eastern Mind
    “a newly revived tumblelog project by Bruno de Figueiredo.” 🇵🇹

    Key art for C-SMASH VRS, the upcoming PSVR2 successor to the...
    Key art for C-SMASH VRS, the upcoming PSVR2 successor to the 2001 SEGA Naomi cult arcade game Cosmic Smash, whose Dreamcast port I played obsessively in 2002. The game is being developed by RapidEyeMovers, under …
    237 words

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  12. Ephemeral Enigmas
    “Giving offbeat, obscure, and forgotten games another look.”

    Stahlfeder: Tekkou Hikuudan
    Staying the course Developer: Santos Publisher: Santos Release Date: January 26th, 1996 (title screen says 1995, so this may need to be verified with other sources if possible) Available On: Playstation / PS1 Genre: Shoot …
    By ephemeralengimas, 2,908 words

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  13. Game Boy Essentials
    “A project to review and talk about the essential games you must play on Game Boy to understand its appeal and its success.” By Pierre-Luc Gagné. 🇨🇦

    Tetris Blast
    Tetris Blast Japanese release in March 1995 as Super BomBliss North American release in January 1996 Released in Europe in June 1996 Published by Bullet-Proof Software in Japan Published by Nintendo everywhere else Developed by …
    2,891 words

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  14. GamerDad: Gaming with Children
    “Video game news, views, & reviews from a parental perspective, presented by Andrew S. Bub - The GamerDad.” 🇺🇸

    nOS: New Operating System (Switch)
    nOS isn’t really a game, but it has a lot of basic operations that a tablet or computer would have, but now you can do those things on your Switch. It has a calculator, picture …
    By Cary Woodham, 61 words

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  15. The Genesis Temple
    “Articles and reviews about videogame design of the present and the past, showcasing titles relevant for particular plot and design choices.” By Damiano Gerli. 🇸🇪

    Interview with Laura Maestri – Italian gaming industry’s female pioneer
    The post Interview with Laura Maestri – Italian gaming industry’s female pioneer appeared first on The Genesis Temple.
    By Damiano Gerli, 28 words

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  16. Hypertexthero
    “flies between realities in art and play to brighten your day.” By Simon Griffee. 🇺🇸

    One Image to 3D Object
    Some parts of science fiction are quickly becoming real.
    14 words

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  17. Jeffs Gameblog
    “a blog about games and stuff.” By Jeff Rients.

    pledge allegiance
    Booty and the Beasts is a 1979 monster and treasure book from Fantasy Art Enterptises. Art by Erol Otus, text by Otus, Mathias Genser, and Paul Reiche III, A pdf of this book has been …
    By Jeff Rients, 194 words

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  18. Kimimi The Game-Eating She-Monster
    “I tend to talk about whatever game I’ve been playing recently, something to do with whatever game I’ve been playing recently, and on occasion tangential game-related thoughts.” 🇬🇧

    Akihabara Dennou Gumi Pata Pies!: Making a little go a long way
    This game, based on a single-series 1998 anime of (almost) the same name, first caught my eye thanks to its bright yellow case decorated with a neatly arranged collection of the titular Pata Pies. The …
    By Kimimi, 1,196 words

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  19. lunatic obscurity
    “Obscure videogames blog.” By Jonny.

    World Rally Fever: Born on the Road (PC)
    It's very clear that the developers of World Rally Fever loved arcade racing games, especially those of the sprite scaling variety made by SEGA's AM2. They've really gone all the way into capturing the aesthetic …
    By Jonny, 451 words

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  20. Max Frequency
    “Max Frequency is my place to write what is on my mind, at my pace. … You’ll find writing on video games, technology, and other musings.” By Max Roberts. 🇺🇸

    “Get Real Nitty-Gritty” with Dustin Furman
    Dustin Furman joins the show to talk about his journey to executive producer of Last Stand Media. Take a peek behind the curtain of production before Max and Dustin chat about PS VR2 and game …
    By Max Roberts, 377 words

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