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40 blogs about Video games.

  1. The Adventurers Guild
    “…in which he attempted to play through all notable graphical adventure games.”

    Game 138: The Beverly Hillbillies – Introduction
    By IlmariI’m sensing a disaster coming upI had only vaguely heard about the TV show, Beverly Hillbillies. The series premise is that an oil well is found on the lands of the poor and uneducated …
    By Ilmari Jauhiainen, 575 words

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  2. All the Adventures | Renga in Blue
    “Wherein I play and blog about every adventure game ever made in (nearly) chronological order. These are sorted (mostly) in the order I played the games. I think they’re all worth reading! How….” 🇺🇸

    Korenvliet (1982)
    U heeft on langs ver nomen dat Uw exentrieke oom Wout overleden is. Het gerucht gaat dat deze oude zonderling het landhuis Korenvliet heeft nagelaten aan degene die zijn testament weet te vinden. You recently …
    By Jason Dyer, 1,472 words

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  3. analogue
    By Kevin Dowling.

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    Bits & bytes for September 1st 2023
    While the gaming world gets ready for a huge AAA release in Starfield, distracting everyone, the bad news has been leaking out to hide in the reviews and speculation. Namely a number of companies shutting …
    148 words

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  4. The Arcade Blogger
    “A blog celebrating the history and preservation of Classic Arcade Video Games from the 70s and 80s.” By Tony Temple. 🇬🇧

    A Return to Retrovolt Arcade
    I should start with an apology for the lack of posts here in recent weeks. The summer has been a busy time, but we can put that right as we head towards the end of …
    By Tony, 734 words

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  5. Bad Game Hall of Fame
    “Dedicated to giving bad games the due process they deserve.” By Cassidy.

    Cohosts and Cohorts
    In light of the fact that Twitter (‘X’) has become completely unusable / untenable for self-promotion over the course of the past year, we’ve discontinued regular posting on that particular social media service. We’ve finally …
    By Cassidy, 44 words

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  6. Buried Treasure
    “Reviewing the indie games everyone else missed.” By John Walker.

    The Many Pieces Of Mr. Coo
    PC, Playstation, Xbox, Switch The Many Pieces Of Mr. Coo contains the best animation I have ever seen in a game. Stand aside Cuphead, Nacho Rodriquez’s astonishing hand-drawn cartoon work is like nothing else I’ve …
    By buriedtreasure, 1,272 words

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  7. The Candybox Blog
    “I make art that some people call games.” By Nathalie Lawhead.

    The Generous Space of Alternative Game Engines (A Curation)
    This post is a response to Unity’s heartbreaking announcement that they will… charge developers relentlessly for distributing their games? I struggle to frame exactly what they are doing because Unity’s decision is so bizzarely resentful …
    By alienmelon, 109 words

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  8. CD-ROM Journal
    “Exploring multimedia games and software of the 90s and beyond.” By Misty De Méo. 🇦🇺 🇨🇦

    Journey to the Source: An Expedition along the Yangtze River
    "When drinking water, think about the source"—or so says the old Chinese proverb. When explorer Wong How Man's parents told him this as a child, though, they couldn't have imagined that it would take him …
    3,565 words

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  9. Critical Distance
    “"Where is all the good writing about games?".”

    Florence Smith-Nicholls | Keywords in Play, Episode 25 Download “Keywords in Play” is an interview series about game research supported by Critical Distance and the Digital Games Research Association. This epsiode we speak with Florence Smith-Nicholls about the paper “The Dark Souls …
    By Emilie Reed, 283 words

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  10. The CRPG Addict
    “A blog in which a dedicated addict plays through all PC computer role-playing games (CRPGs), in chronological order.” By Chester Bolingbroke. 🇺🇸

    It's Going to Be a Little While
    Hi, everyone. My apologies for my absence for the last couple of weeks. Some unexpected travel ran right into a conference which has run right into the start of the new semester--and I'm both taking …
    By CRPG Addict, 152 words

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  11. cRPG Blog
    “Index to the cRPG blog on cRPG history, reviews, rankings and design.”

    SCS BG2
    SCS BG2SCS 34.3 is the most recent release of Sword Coast Stratagems for BioWare cRPGs of 1998-2000, Baldur's Gate 1 and Baldur's Gate 2.Note that SCS now requires BG2 Fixpack to be installed. SCS has …
    By Lilura1, 68 words


  12. The Digital Antiquarian
    “A history of computer entertainment and digital culture by Jimmy Maher.” 🇩🇰

    This Week on The Analog Antiquarian
    The Sistine Chapel, Chapter 13: The Artist in the Chapel
    By Jimmy Maher, 16 words

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  13. Distant Arcade
    “A gaming blog. We hope you enjoy all the future blogger fun time video games action we have in store.” By Luke Davis. 🇬🇧

    8BitDo have released a ‘Retro Mechanical Keyboard’ and I want one!
    8BitDo have released a ‘Retro Mechanical Keyboard‘ and I want one! They have two models: N and Fami editions. Meticulously crafted offering the perfect balance of quality and functionality. Here’s an Amazon affiliate link if …
    By lukealexdavis, 53 words

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  14. Eastern Mind
    “a newly revived tumblelog project by Bruno de Figueiredo.” 🇵🇹

  15. Ephemeral Enigmas
    “Giving offbeat, obscure, and forgotten games another look.”

    Honky Tank Woman Developer: Natsu System Publisher: Renovation Japan (Reno) Release Date: July 26th, 1991 Available On: Game Gear Genre(s): Shoot ‘Em Up (Vertical), Run and Gun (Vertical), Vehicular Combat Sometimes, all it takes is …
    By ephemeralengimas, 3,540 words

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  16. Game Boy Essentials
    “A project to review and talk about the essential games you must play on Game Boy to understand its appeal and its success.” By Pierre-Luc Gagné. 🇨🇦

    Yoshi’s Cookie
    Yoshi’s Cookie Japanese release in November 1992 North American release in April 1993 European release in 1993 Published by Nintendo Developed by TOSE & Bullet-Proof Software Ah, a bilingual box. Are there any collectors out …
    1,888 words

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  17. GamerDad: Gaming with Children
    “Video game news, views, & reviews from a parental perspective, presented by Andrew S. Bub - The GamerDad.” 🇺🇸

    Mario Oreos
    A couple of years ago, Oreo made some cookies with Pokémon characters on them! And now they’re back but with Mario characters. So let’s take a look at them! Here’s a picture of the front …
    By Cary Woodham, 58 words

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  18. Games That Weren't: Cancelled & Unreleased Games
    “An unreleased and cancelled video games archive with prototypes, developer history and assets for many computers and consoles of all ages.” By Frank Gasking, et al.

    GTW64 September 2023 updates
    Well, seems like summer doesn’t want to end and if anything it feels hotter than August! Whilst we melt away, the updates continue within the GTW64 archives with the following additions and updates: 7 new …
    By fgasking, 48 words

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    By Tom Henry.

    Locating the Cultist – Shipwreck North of Thera (AC Odyssey)
    Finding the location of the cultist known as Mytilenean Shark, part of the Gods of the Aegean Sea cult branch, can be a bit challenging. The key clue suggests that the cultist’s ship met its …
    By Tom Henry, 220 words

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  20. The Genesis Temple
    “Articles and reviews about videogame design of the present and the past, showcasing titles relevant for particular plot and design choices.” By Damiano Gerli. 🇸🇪

    The History of the Commodore CDTV
    The post The History of the Commodore CDTV appeared first on The Genesis Temple.
    By Damiano Gerli, 20 words

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