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47 blogs about Video games.

  1. The Adventurers Guild
    …in which he attempted to play through all notable graphical adventure games. More info

    Game 144: Cosmic Crusade (1993)
    Written by Morpheus Kitami Okay, I'm glad to have Urotsukidoji and Loremaster in the rearview mirror, its time to play some normal, western graphic adventures which don't involve spending hours at a school for no …
    By MorpheusKitami, 1,146 words
  2. All the Adventures | Renga in Blue
    Wherein I play and blog about every adventure game ever made in (nearly) chronological order. These are sorted (mostly) in the order I played the games. I think they’re all worth reading! How…. 🇺🇸 More info

    Williamsburg Adventure: Finished!
    (Continued from my previous post here.) It turned out last time I still wasn’t thinking aggressively enough. I was at a gift shop with some crosses, and while I could break a security camera, I …
    By Jason Dyer, 593 words
  3. analogue
    By Kevin Dowling. More info

    Bits & bytes for June 2024
    Welcome to the first iteration of my weird little gaming blog as a monthly editorial, rather than weekly update. It gives me more scope to breathe, figure out what's going on and synthesise some thoughts. …
    178 words
  4. The Arcade Blogger
    A blog celebrating the history and preservation of Classic Arcade Video Games from the 70s and 80s. By Tony Temple. 🇬🇧 More info

    Bally Midway’s Stanley Jarocki
    Sad news to report on the blog this week. Midway’s Director of Marketing during the Golden Era of classic arcade gaming passed away on 14 May 2024 aged 94. He lived out his later years …
    By Tony, 892 words
  5. Bad Game Hall of Fame
    Dedicated to giving bad games the due process they deserve. By Cassidy. More info

    Cohosts and Cohorts
    In light of the fact that Twitter (‘X’) has become completely unusable / untenable for self-promotion over the course of the past year, we’ve discontinued regular posting on that particular social media service. We’ve finally …
    By Cassidy, 44 words
  6. Buried Treasure
    Reviewing the indie games everyone else missed. By John Walker. More info

    An English Haunting
    PC With the wonderful Wadjet Eye slowing down on its publishing duties, and other indie publishers taking fewer risks on old-school adventures, full-length classic AGS adventures feel thin on the ground these days. So it’s …
    By buriedtreasure, 918 words
  7. The Candybox Blog
    I make art that some people call games. By Nathalie Lawhead. More info

    Thinking About The Berlin Computerspiele Museum (Computer Games Museum)
    As I write this on my iPhone (oh god it’s so hard to blog like this, nobody’s fingers are this tiny o_O;), I have an 8 hour layover. I got plenty of time to think… …
    By alienmelon, 109 words
  8. CD-ROM Journal
    Exploring multimedia games and software of the 90s and beyond. By Misty De Méo. 🇦🇺 🇨🇦 More info

    Hiropon: Takashi Murakami’s Early Digital Works
    NOTE: The artwork discussed in this article contains explicit nudity and sexual content. Excerpts of the work are depicted for the purpose of commentary. I'd like to express my gratitude to Nice Gear Games for …
    4,653 words
  9. Critical Distance
    "Where is all the good writing about games?". More info

    June 16th
    Welcome back readers. The fourth annual Queer Games Bundle is still going on! You could always buy it for a friend. This Week in Videogame Blogging is a roundup highlighting the most important critical writing …
    By Chris Lawrence, 995 words
  10. The CRPG Addict
    A blog in which a dedicated addict plays through all PC computer role-playing games (CRPGs), in chronological order. By Chester Bolingbroke. 🇺🇸 More info

    Whale's Voyage: Money in My Purse
    I switched to a new version during this session, which replaces the image of the titular ship with an image of a CD-ROM. This session started with trying to re-do everything I'd accomplished since arriving …
    By CRPG Addict, 2,371 words
  11. cRPG Blog
    Index to the cRPG blog on cRPG history, reviews, rankings and design. More info

    Computer Games Listed in Chronological Order
    History of Computer Games: 1976-2024Updated on an almost daily basis as of 2024, this is a history of computer games that I am covering on cRPG Blog. The computer games are listed in chronological order, …
    By Lilura1, 5,563 words
  12. The Digital Antiquarian
    A history of computer entertainment and digital culture by Jimmy Maher. 🇩🇰 More info

    The Journeyman Project
    I find that it’s oddly difficult for me to tell the story of Presto Studios, the maker of the Journeyman Project series of cult-classic adventure games, without drawing a lot of parallels and comparisons to …
    By Jimmy Maher, 6,844 words
  13. Distant Arcade
    A gaming blog. We hope you enjoy all the future blogger fun time video games action we have in store. By Luke Davis. 🇬🇧 More info

    Open-ED: a new open source SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive flashcart from Krikzz
    Krikzz, the maker of Everdrive flash carts, has made open-sourced the schematics and software for a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive flashcart: Open-ED is a very simple and cheap open source Genesis/Megadrive cartridge. The cartridge does not …
    By lukealexdavis, 110 words
  14. Eastern Mind
    a newly revived tumblelog project by Bruno de Figueiredo. 🇵🇹 More info

    Lessons in Japanese Game Design #3
    From Killer7 to Deadly Premonition, Japanese game creators have intrepidly explored the theme of mental illness in a variety of genres, often in highly stylized form. The title I wish to approach today is a …
    695 words
  15. Ephemeral Enigmas
    Giving offbeat, obscure, and forgotten games another look. More info

    Ultimate Block Party
    There ain’t no party like an Ultimate Block Party Developers: Magicpot, Cyberfront Corporation (subcontracted Magicpot for the arcade version), Artdink (listed under “American Version Development” in the credits) Publishers: Cyberfront Corporation (Japan, Korea), 505 Games …
    By ephemeralengimas, 4,369 words
  16. Game Boy Essentials
    A project to review and talk about the essential games you must play on Game Boy to understand its appeal and its success. By Pierre-Luc Gagné. 🇨🇦 More info

    ESPN National Hockey Night
    ESPN National Hockey Night North American release in March 2001 Never released in Japan Never released in Europe Published by Konami Developed by Konami Scott Gomez! Twice! No wait there’s a faint picture of him …
    2,926 words
  17. GamerDad: Gaming with Children
    Video game news, views, & reviews from a parental perspective, presented by Andrew S. Bub - The GamerDad. 🇺🇸 More info

    Goodbye to E3
    Earlier this year, the ESA announced they would be cancelling E3 yet again and they wouldn’t have it anymore. So I wanted to say my final goodbyes and reminisce on my favorite E3 memories here. …
    By Cary Woodham, 59 words
  18. Games That Weren't: Cancelled & Unreleased Games
    An unreleased and cancelled video games archive with prototypes, developer history and assets for many computers and consoles of all ages. By Frank Gasking, et al. More info

    Dark Mission
    1994 GKS Design Platforms: Commodore Amiga and PC Dark Mission was to be the first offering from GKS Design, a new group dedicated to Amiga gaming and created back in 1994 by students Stephen Haunts …
    By fgasking, 46 words
    By Tom Henry. More info

    Crime Boss: Rockay City Review
    Let’s be honest, Crime Boss: Rockay City had a rough launch. The initial marketing push, all celebrities and 90s action movie vibes didn’t work all that well. But after it hit Steam, I received two …
    By Tom Henry, 561 words
  20. The Genesis Temple
    Articles and reviews about videogame design of the present and the past, showcasing titles relevant for particular plot and design choices. By Damiano Gerli. 🇸🇪 More info

    Mad Doctor (Commodore 64) – the Frankenstein Junior sandbox
    The post Mad Doctor (Commodore 64) – the Frankenstein Junior sandbox appeared first on The Genesis Temple.
    By Damiano Gerli, 26 words