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Whirlitzer of Wisdom

Describes the 1990's Macintosh Hypercard 'Whirlitzer of Wisdom' game, based on the ZBS Jack Flanders audio adventure series.

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2022 11
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2024 2

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Most recent posts

You Are Here
Still stalling on doing the Lunar lookup - although seems easy enough to find out where our Moon was in 1989. But we can review where we are stuck in the game. In the olden …
On , by Whirlitzer of Wisdom, 413 words
To Grunt and Sweat Under a Weary Life
A graphic used in The Undiscovered Country topic - too good to not front its own topic eventually.While we consider the Moon and its innards ... I may have been misleading analysis when I first …
On , by Whirlitzer of Wisdom, 357 words
Terra Australis
The last photos from Neptune/Triton symbolize where we are right now in the game.When you plot out where Neptune/Triton were at 12:40 August 25 1989 (Neptune and Triton are at virtually the same point in …
On , by Whirlitzer of Wisdom, 254 words