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Monica Dinculescu – Blog

I'm a creative engineer who builds delightful web experiences.

  • By Monica Dinculescu
  • Based in United States of America
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Posts per year

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Posts per year
Year starting Posts
2014 4
2015 6
2016 6
2017 6
2018 7
2019 2
2020 2
2021 28
2022 1
2023 0
2024 0

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Most recent posts

Hallucinating with art models
Wow, long time, no posts! Anyway, about them text-to-art generative models going about, eh? Surprising nobody: I am extremely into them. I’ve been using DALL-E and MidJourney since they came out, and even though tons …
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Doing the work
(This is a post mostly about art but I swear there’s a moral in here for all you tech readers, or at least a discounted therapy lesson.) As you may have noticed from these latest …
On , 1,033 words
A HashiConf art collab
A couple of months ago my friend Jana helped organize HashiConf Europe, and asked me to work on generating custom artwork for each of their speakers. This was my first experience with creating art for …
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