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Iverson Movie Ranch

… and other historic filming locations!

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Where was the "Mystery Adobe Ranch"? One of the biggest mysteries about the early Western movies is finally solved
Hollywood's "Mystery Adobe Ranch" of the 1930sBack in the early years of the talkies, Hollywood discovered an obscure ranch outside of Los Angeles where film companies could shoot Westerns. "Terror Trail" (Universal, 1933): A wide …
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How the family TV show "Fury" became an essential document of filming on the Iverson Movie Ranch throughout the late 1950s
"Fury": William Fawcett, Bobby Diamond, Highland Dale, Peter GravesThe TV show "Fury," centered around the bond between a young boy and his horse, was one of the most important productions to shoot on the Iverson …
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Kris Kristofferson's Silvertown adventure: How the legendary singer-songwriter helped document Corriganville "between the fires"
Corriganville in its heyday, ca. 1950s: A thriving movie location and tourist attractionSome readers may already know that Silvertown, the famed Western street at Corriganville in Simi Valley, Calif., burned down in fall 1970 in …
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