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An Historian Goes to the Movies

Exploring history on the screen.

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The King: Agincourt
One of the reasons I stopped posting during Covid was I got busy right in the middle of a two-part review of The King (2019, dir. David Michôd), a movie I rather disliked. I did …
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Benedetta: Naked Lust in Sinful Italy
Sorry for my very long absence. Covid completely up-ended my work load in ways that have made doing any writing for pleasure nearly impossible. But this weekend my husband dragged me out of the house …
On , by aelarsen, 3,762 words
The King: Falstaff
Last night I watched The King (2019, dir. David Michôd), which is loosely based on Shakespeare’s Henriad cycle about Henry IV and Henry V. It’s a gloomy, dreary film in which color wasn’t invented until …
On , by aelarsen, 2,525 words