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Music of the Spheres

Space flight, simulators, astronomy, books, flying, music, science, education: whatever the obsession of the moment might happen to be.

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2018 4
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2022 6
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Most recent posts

Mendelssohn & Monet
I was listening to a favorite symphony this morning, Mendelssohn’s Fourth, the Italian Symphony. The first movement is as sunny as I’ve ever known it to be in Italy, even in Tuscany. I started wondering …
On , by FlyingSinger, 742 words
England Aviation Vacation, Part 2
After I got back to North Weald Airfield from my “Castles & Coasts” flight down to Dover, my taxi friend Ali drove me back to Epping Station and I caught a train for Cambridge, stopping …
On , by FlyingSinger, 1,286 words
England Aviation Vacation, Part 1
For the last two years, virtually all my travel has been… virtual. I’ve spent countless hours exploring the world in Microsoft Flight Simulator, either on my own or in online group flights with friends from …
On , by FlyingSinger, 900 words