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Blogs about Space

24 blogs about Space.

  1. Antimatter
    “Life in a puzzling universe.” By Cormac O’Rafferty. 🇮🇪
    4th International Conference on the History of Physics
    This week, the 4th international conference on the history of physics finally took place at Trinity College Dublin. The event, supported by the Institute of Physics and the European Physics Society, was the fourth in …
    By cormac, 658 words

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  2. Astroblog
    “Obscured by Clouds. The rough and ready blog of a cloud benighted biologist and amateur astronomer.” By Ian Musgrave. 🇦🇺
    Thursday December 1 to Thursday December 8
    First Quarter Moon is Thursday December 1, Full Moon is Thursday December 8. Jupiter is easy to see as brightest object in the evening sky aside from the Moon and is close to the waxing …
    By Ian Musgrave, 637 words

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  3. Centauri Dreams
    “Imagining and Planning Interstellar Exploration.” By Paul Gilster.
    WASP-39b: JWST and Exoplanet Atmospheres
    Although I often see the exoplanet WASP-39b referred to as a ‘hot Saturn,’ and sometimes a ‘hot Jupiter,’ the terms don’t really compute. This is a world closer to Saturn than Jupiter in mass, but …
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  4. collectSPACE
    “Source for space history, space artifacts, and space memorabilia. Learn where astronauts will appear, browse collecting guides, and read original space history-related daily reports.” By Robert Pearlman. 🇺🇸
    Space food and facts
    Since its opening in 2021, the Space 220 restaurant at Disney's Epcot has given away trading cards with its zero proof (non-alcoholic) drinks and kid's meals. Now in their second edition (the first series of …
    74 words

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  5. Comets & Asteroids - Small Bodies of the Solar System
    “Latest news about Comets and Neo by Remanzacco Astronomical Observatory, Italy. Images and information about recent minor planets discoveries provided by our observer team.” By Ernesto Guido. 🇮🇹
    New Comets C/2022 J1 & C/2022 L1
    CBET 5121 & MPEC 2022-J88 , issued on 2022, May 11, announce the discovery of a comet (magnitude ~18) by A. Maury and G. Attard on images obtained with a 0.28-m f/2.2 Schmidt reflector at …
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  6. Crowlspace
    “A Deeper Future View.” By Adam Crowl.
    Rocketship X-M
    “Rocketship X-M” was a low budget 1950 competitor for the epic “Destination Moon”. Unlike its Heinlein-coached rival, the Rocketship Experimental – Moon was propelled by monatomic hydrogen, ozone and “A-12” and “A-16”. Tripropellant mixes were …
    By Adam, 59 words

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  7. Dreams of Space - Books and Ephemera
    “Non-fiction children's space flight stuff 1945-1975.” By John Sisson.
    Women's Day -August (1953) Part 1
    Women's Day magazine also got involved in the spaceflight fad in the early 1950s. This 1953 (August) issue had a number of space related articles including: Will Your Child Visit The Moon? The article makes …
    By John Sisson, 87 words

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  8. Drew Ex Machina | Posts
    “My website is dedicated to the presentation and discussion of my past and current professional work. My areas of interest include remote sensing, spaceflight, astronomy and astrobiology.” By Andrew LePage. 🇺🇸
    The Largest Launch Vehicles in Service – 1957 to the Present
    With the successful launch of NASA’s Artemis I test flight, we now have a new holder of the title “the largest launch vehicle in service”: the Space Launch System (SLS) Block 1 super heavy-lift launch …
    By Andrew LePage, 6,753 words

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  9. Exploring the Universe with Andrew Fraknoi
    Webb Telescope Looks to the Dawn of Time
    Astronomers working with the James Webb Space Telescope have just identified the most distant galaxy ever observed by human eyes. This galaxy (seen as a red dot in our image in the very center of …
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  10. In the Dark
    “A blog about the Universe, and all that surrounds it.” By Peter Coles. 🇮🇪
    Another Riddle in Mathematics
    The little paradox in probability that I posted earlier in the week seemed to go down quite well so I thought I’d try a different paradox on a different topic from the same book of …
    By telescoper, 158 words

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  11. LaurelsPlutoBlog
    “This is a blog advocating the overturning and/or ignoring of the controversial IAU planet definition that demoted Pluto, the adoption of a broader planet definition that includes all dwarf planets, and the chronicling of worldwide efforts toward these goals.” By Laurel Kornfeld. 🇺🇸
    Why Article is Wrong about Pluto's Planet Status is usually a very credible information site about all matters space and astronomy, which is why its October 23, 2022 article, “Why is Pluto Not a Planet?” is so disappointing in its blatant one-sidedness. …
    By Laurel Kornfeld, 1,635 words

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  12. Leonard David's INSIDE OUTER SPACE
    Earth Return for China Station Crew; Recovery Teams Face Bitter Cold Conditions at Landing Site
    China’s Shenzhou-14 astronauts are returning to Earth on Sunday, December 4th, but the welcoming ground recovery teams face super-cold conditions at the Gobi Desert landing site. According to the China Central Television (CCTV) the taikonaut …
    By Leonard David, 71 words

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  13. Light from Space NEW
    “Thomas Fuchs' amateur astrophotography. Photos, tutorials and tidbits.” 🇺🇸
    The Helping Hand of LDN 1355
    LDN 1355 is a dark nebula in Cassiopeia, vaguely in the shape of an outstreched human hand—the dark dust obscuring the reflection nebula behind it.Total exposure time: 58h 50' (211,800s)Image resolution: 5,216 × 3,909px (1.924″/px)Shot …
    By Thomas Fuchs, 104 words

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  14. Many Worlds
    By Marc Kaufman, Elizabeth Tasker. 🇯🇵 🇺🇸
    Tantalizing Organic Compounds Found on Mars
    The NASA/ESA Perseverance rover on xxx. New findings tell of the presence of organic material — the building blocks of life — in several locations at Jezero Crater — for the first time found in …
    By Marc Kaufman, 475 words

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    “the blog about vintage and modern space toys.” By Woodsy.
    This item has always baffled me ever since I saw it years ago. Its been on the blog for a decade now and my memory was jogged when I saw another bottle of James Bond …
    128 words

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  16. Music of the Spheres
    “Space flight, simulators, astronomy, books, flying, music, science, education: whatever the obsession of the moment might happen to be.” 🇺🇸
    England Aviation Vacation, Part 2
    After I got back to North Weald Airfield from my “Castles & Coasts” flight down to Dover, my taxi friend Ali drove me back to Epping Station and I caught a train for Cambridge, stopping …
    By FlyingSinger, 1,284 words

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  17. Nonhuman Autonomous Space Agency
    “This is the research blog for the Nonhuman Autonomous Space Agency, an investigation into the potential deployment of networks of nonhumans to colonize the solar system.” 🇺🇸
    durf: Boston Dynamics steals Japanese kawaii tech for its latest robot:
    durf: Boston Dynamics steals Japanese kawaii tech for its latest robot:
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  18. No Shortage of Dreams
    “The story of spaceflight told through missions and programs that did not happen - that is, the great majority of them.” By David S. F. Portree.
    Project Hyreus (1993)
    The Project Hyreus mission emblem. Image credit: University of Washington Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics.In Greek mythology Hyreus (pronounced "HY-ree-us") is Orion's father. Students in the University of Washington (UW) Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics …
    61 words

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  19. Space News
    “The latest science news on astronomy, astrobiology, and space exploration from” 🇬🇧
    If there is phosphine on Venus, there isn't much
    In the absence of direct observations of extraterrestrial life, scientists often focus on searching for biosignatures, chemical by-products of life, that can be detected with remote sensing. Although Mars has received the most attention in …
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  20. The Space Review
    “Essays and commentary about the final frontier.” 🇺🇸
    For ESA, a good enough budget
    Ministers from the European Space Agency's member states met in Paris last week to decide what programs would be funded, and by how much, over the next three years. Jeff Foust reports that while ESA …
    By Jeff Foust, 61 words

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