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Model Railroad Minutiae

Modeling and modeling ideas for my 1939 era HO model railroad - the Royal Oak & Southern, plus other things I find of interest.

  • By Stan Knotts
  • Based in United States of America
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Most recent posts

Wooden coal tower
This is a relatively small coal tower, all scratch built. This is a front view of the coal tower. There are two figures on the top deck. The ladder on the side is a plastic …
On , by Stan Knotts, 145 words
Industrial Supply shop model
This shop supplies parts, tools and equipment to various small industries. This is a front view. There will be no photo of the back of the building as there is nothing of interest to see …
On , by Stan Knotts, 116 words
Small old water tower
This old style wooden water tower is for being located next to a structure. The figure was included to give an idea of the size. There is a small roof hatch at the top of …
On , by Stan Knotts, 61 words