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Stopdesign | Creative outlet of Douglas Bowman

Creative outlet of Douglas Bowman.

  • By Douglas Bowman
  • Based in United States of America
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Designing a conference
We just wrapped up our 13th conference. This was our first three-day event. Up until this one, all past FLOCK events basically fit into a single day. Each event has its own theme, curated for …
On , by Doug, 953 words
Thank you, Twitter
Saying what I want to say, while this thing’s still on, and while there are still people here to say it to… TELL YOUR STORIES HERE, by Tantek Çelik on Flickr Whether you joined this …
On , by Doug, 307 words 20 years later
Twenty years ago today, Wired launched a seminal redesign of its website that helped catapult forward web technology and what our industry understood as possible for commercial websites. A few years back, I added the …
On , by Doug, 1,678 words