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Blogs about Digital design

7 blogs about Digital design.

  1. Airbag Industries by Greg Storey
    “A blunt voice in the world of interactive design.” 🇺🇸

    “How to take back control of what you read on the Internet.”
    The Atlantic makes the case for RSS. As long as we rely on social-media sites to curate what we read, we allow them to control what we read, and their interests are not our interests. …
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  2. GrilloPress
    By Andrew Duckworth. 🇬🇧

    Overcrowding the pan
    I’ve been really getting into cooking dishes with a wok recently. Learning new recipes and the tool. It recently sprung about because a member of the family has been found to be allergic to latex …
    By Andrew Duckworth, 616 words

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    “The home of alternative design, code and content on the world wide web.” By Mike Guppy, Dan Powell.

    Temporary Liveness
    An apt interaction for The School of Temporary Liveness, where words come together in a self-constructing scroll. View on
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  4. Koos Looijesteijn | Blog NEW
    “Hello and welcome! Here I occasionally post about making digital products.” 🇳🇱

    You're making me buy a new phone
    My iPhone SE 2016 is a good one. It’s easy to handle with one hand. The screen is more than decent. For most things the camera is good enough. It has a headphone jack. Good …
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  5. Stamen | Blog

    Open Data Maps for Amazon Location Service are now live!
    We are thrilled to share that Amazon Location Service has launched four new map styles as part of their Open Data Maps collection. Collaborating with them to build these map styles has been a pairing …
    By Nicolette Hayes, 123 words

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  6. Stopdesign | Creative outlet of Douglas Bowman
    “Creative outlet of Douglas Bowman.” 🇺🇸

    Thank you, Twitter
    Saying what I want to say, while this thing’s still on, and while there are still people here to say it to… TELL YOUR STORIES HERE, by Tantek Çelik on Flickr Whether you joined this …
    By Doug, 307 words

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  7. UX Knowledge Base Sketch
    “For UX designers and anyone interested in UX design, UI design (and some related fields) or in sketching.” By Krisztina Szerovay. 🇭🇺

    The disabled state in UI design
    BEST PRACTICES & ALTERNATIVESThe disabled state in UI design — UX Knowledge Piece Sketch #48The disabled stateThe disabled state means that the user can’t interact with that part of the UI:it is unavailable for some …
    By Krisztina Szerovay, 990 words

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