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Blogs about Digital design

9 blogs about Digital design.

  1. Airbag Industries by Greg Storey
    A blunt voice in the world of interactive design. 🇺🇸 More info

    Adiós muchachos.
    Perhaps I should be more emotional about this, but this will be my last blog post on Airbag. The time has come to make this domain more useful than where I share my thoughts and …
    398 words
  2. Amy Hupe, content designer | Articles
    I care about making services accessible and inclusive, starting with the basics – the words we use to talk about them. 🇬🇧 More info

    The law of conservation of energy says that, within a closed system, energy cannot be created or destroyed: only converted from one form of energy to another. In 2023 - a year filled with personal …
    427 words
  3. GrilloPress
    By Andrew Duckworth. 🇬🇧 More info

    It's okay to start with a stakeholder's solution. Just don't stop there
    It doesn’t matter if you’re working in a complex organisation or not. It’s pretty common to work on projects where you have opinionated colleagues who have a “stake” in the product or feature working. Either …
    By Andrew Duckworth, 816 words
    The home of alternative design, code and content on the world wide web. By Mike Guppy, Dan Powell. More info

    An e-com with background interaction that both structures and guides, this site for Cavempt is full of moments of personality. View on
    24 words
  5. Koos Looijesteijn | Blog
    Hello and welcome! Here I occasionally post about making digital products. 🇳🇱 More info

    I like watercolor painting
    Yep, that’s it: I like painting with watercolors. As a hobby. As a student, I thought hobbies were lame. Because: why be a hobbyist when you’re developing a skill that you can get really good …
    590 words
  6. Maggie Appleton
    Maggie's digital garden filled with visual essays on programming, design, and anthropology. 🇬🇧 More info

    Gathering Structures
    How to gather people and create communities in ways that are low-stress and high-payoff
    16 words
  7. Stamen | Blog
    🇺🇸 More info

    Designing for all audiences: Mapping the future of food
    Dealing with the occasional 100-year storm or drought are problems farmers have had to deal with for centuries, but what happens when those weather events become the norm? Climate change will test agriculture practices across …
    By Caroline Carter, 1,928 words
  8. Stopdesign | Creative outlet of Douglas Bowman
    Creative outlet of Douglas Bowman. 🇺🇸 More info

    Designing a conference
    We just wrapped up our 13th conference. This was our first three-day event. Up until this one, all past FLOCK events basically fit into a single day. Each event has its own theme, curated for …
    By Doug, 953 words
  9. UX Knowledge Base Sketch
    For UX designers and anyone interested in UX design, UI design (and some related fields) or in sketching. By Krisztina Szerovay. 🇭🇺 More info

    Decluttering in UI design
    UI DESIGN TIPSThe most important balancing actDecluttering in UI design — UX Knowledge Piece Sketch #57The most important balancing actHow to remove or hide everything that’s just noise at a given point of the user …
    By Krisztina Szerovay, 708 words