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Weekly posts on the science and practice of beekeeping. Bees, honey, swarms, bad backs, stings and just about everything else as well.

  • By David Evans
  • Based in United Kingdom
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Most recent posts

Bigger queens, better queens – part 1
Synopsis: Recent research on the maternal effect in honey bees suggests queen rearing using worker larvae may produce undersized and underperforming queens. Introduction The majority of books and articles I’ve read on queen rearing emphasise …
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Natural mite drop
Synopsis: By all means count the natural mite drop of a colony, but be aware of the limitations of the method and the many things that influence the count. Introduction The Varroa tray underneath an …
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Beekeeping backups
Synopsis: Should beginners get one or two colonies? The standard advice is ‘get two’, but I think three colonies by the end of year two gives better security, more opportunities to experiment, and a faster …
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