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A collection of the Ruby on Rails guides you wished you had, when you were first starting out.

  • By Harrison Broadbent
  • Based in Australia
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Most recent posts

ActionMailer attachments in Ruby on Rails
ActionMailer makes it easy to attach files to your emails. In this article, I show you how to attach single or multiple files, set custom encodings and mime_types, and attach images as inline attachments to …
On , by Harrison Broadbent, 46 words
Some ViewComponent tips (how I write them)
In this article, I share tips for writing Rails ViewComponents, based on my experience building RailsNotes UI, and other projects. If you use ViewComponents in your Ruby on Rails apps, read this article!
On , by Harrison Broadbent, 40 words
Refactoring from feature specs to system specs
In this article, I break down the difference between system specs and feature specs in RSpec and Rails, and walk you through refactoring your feature specs to system specs.
On , by Harrison Broadbent, 36 words