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Blogs about Back-end web development

13 blogs about Back-end web development.

  1. Adam Johnson
    “I'm an author and solo consultant working with Ansible, AWS, Django, and Python.” 🇬🇧

    Git: Show the initial (root) commit
    To show the initial, or root, commit* of your repository, use: $ git log --max-parents=0 (*There may be multiple, as we’ll see.) For example, on the Django repository: $ git log --max-parents=0 commit d6ded0e91bcdd2a8f7a221f6a5552a33fe545359 Author: …
    By Adam Johnson, 320 words

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  2. — Articles

    On Using Go's `t.Parallel()`
    One of Go’s best features is not only that it does parallelism well, but that it’s deeply baked in. It’s best exemplified by primitves like goroutines and their dead simple ease of use, but extends …
    By Brandur Leach, 1,940 words

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  3. Dusted Codes
    “Programming Adventures.” By Dustin Moris Gorski. 🇬🇧

    Creating a pretty console logger using Go's slog package
    I had the privilege of attending GopherCon UK last week, and among the many captivating talks, one that stood out to me was "Structured Logging for the Standard Library" presented by Jonathan Amsterdam. The presentation …
    By s (Dustin Moris Gorski, 1,911 words

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  4. James Brooks - Articles
    “Sometimes I write things and put them here.” 🇬🇧

    Review: Three Peaks GBR Commuter 22L
    Online I’m not known for much more than being a software developer. In real life, I’m obsessed with bags, specifically backpacks. I’ve owned a lot of bags over the years, and I’ve got a lot …
    By James Brooks, 939 words

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  5. The Laravel Blog
    By Taylor Otwell, James Brooks, Dries Vints, Joe Dixon, Nuno Maduro. 🇧🇪 🇬🇧 🇵🇹 🇺🇸

    Vapor: RDS Certificate Authority Expiry
    AWS has been providing certificates from the rds-ca-2019 Certificate Authority, but these certificates are due to expire in August 2024. If you are running an RDS instance using this Certificate Authority, it must be updated …
    By Joe Dixon, 49 words

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  6. Matt's Dev Blog
    “Matt's blog on backend web development.” By Matt Segal. 🇦🇺

    How I hunt down (and fix) errors in production
    Once you’ve deployed your web app to prod there is a moment of satisfaction: a brief respite where you can reflect on your hard work. You sit, adoringly refreshing the homepage of to watch …
    By Matthew Segal, 1,739 words

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  7. The Pallets Projects
    “A collection of Python web development libraries that are associated with the Flask microframework.”

    Blinker 1.6 Released
    Signalling allows for applications to be decoupled by allowing designated receivers to be informed when an action has taken place (the signal). Flask and Quart both utilise the excellent Blinker library to support signals and …
    By P G Jones, 129 words

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  8. Patrick D'appollonio
    “Notes about engineering, programming, Kubernetes, go, infra-as-code and other interesting things.”

    Benchmarking is Hard
    Back in November 2022 I was browsign the then Twittosphere (now Exosphere?) when I ran across an interesting tweet from @manishrjain: What is happening? Caddy is 2x outperforming NGINX in my reverse proxy test 🚀 …
    112 words

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  9. PHP.Watch
    “A source for PHP News, upcoming changes to the language core and extensions, and articles.” By Ayesh Karunaratne.

    Get Composer to suggest dev packages to `require-dev`
    Composer 2.4 comes with a feature that it prompts during a `composer require` to install packages as `require-dev` dependencies when certain keywords are present. Development tools and libraries now can make use of this feature …
    53 words

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  10. RailsNotes
    “A collection of the Ruby on Rails guides you wished you had, when you were first starting out.” By Harrison Broadbent. 🇦🇺

    Refactoring from feature specs to system specs
    In this article, I break down the difference between system specs and feature specs in RSpec and Rails, and walk you through refactoring your feature specs to system specs.
    By Harrison Broadbent, 36 words

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  11. Rock and Null
    “Tech, software and whatever comes to mind.”

    Why Kotlin Multiplatform could change everything in the mobile dev world
    There have been countless approaches to cross-platform development over the years. A long time ago Java promised to "write once, run everywhere". It's a promise that was mostly left unfulfilled.Don't get me wrong, there are …
    By Mike Yerou, 514 words

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  12. /var/
    “Various programming stuff.” By Serafeim Papastefanos. 🇬🇷

    Simple Django - DataTables integration
    Integration of jquery DataTables with Django
    By Serafeim Papastefanos, 10 words

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  13. Weblog archive
    By James Bennett. 🇺🇸

    Boring Python: code quality
    This is the second in a series of posts I intend to write about how to build, deploy, and manage Python applications in as boring a way as possible. In the first post in the …
    By James Bennett, 83 words

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