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The English Woodworker

Woodworking blog & videos for the hand tool woodworker.

  • By Richard Maguire
  • Based in United Kingdom
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Most recent posts

Which Saws Are Best For Ripping Thick Stuff? [Video]
There’s a lot of choice when it comes to rip saws. And unfortunately options usually just make things more complicated.So hopefully the video above will help clear up some of the confusion around which saw …
On , by Richard Maguire, 82 words
How do I Sharpen a Router Plane? [Q & A Video]
If you’ve seen a fair bit of my work then you’ll probably know that despite my love of keeping the tool kit minimal I’m a huge fan of the router plane.And this brings up a …
On , by Richard Maguire, 86 words
Bench Top Edge Jointing [with Video]
Stuggling With Larger Edge Joints? Watch the full step-by-step video to learn the edge jointing process for tackling large boards by hand. A perfect reference for gluing up a table top. Find it for FREE …
On , by Richard Maguire, 76 words