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Sew Historically

Historical Costuming, Old-Fashioned Living, Refashion & DIY, Homemade Natural Beauty Products, Historical Hairstyles, Free Sewing Tutorials, Lace Making, Historical Cooking.

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Nov 2023 1
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Jan 2024 5
Feb 2024 1
Mar 2024 2
Apr 2024 1

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50 Tips On How To Darn & Mend Your Clothes – Historical Sewing
Learn how to darn and mend your clothes like in the Edwardian era! 50+ tips on how to darn, mend, patch and refashion your clothes. In the Edwardian era, clothing and household items were repaired, …
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Staycation In The Edwardian Era
‘In July, when all the world and his wife are supposed to be on holiday, there must always be a certain proportion of people who have to stay at home. When others are holidaying in …
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The Edwardian Motoring Girl
‘This season’s auto girl is a bewitching creature. She has discarded the clumsy leather coat and disfiguring face mask and in their place for short rides she wears a fetching silken wrap and a filmy …
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