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Blogs about Fashion and tailoring

19 blogs about Fashion and tailoring.

  1. Clothes In Books
    “Description of clothes taken from a book, a picture suggested by (rather than illustrative of) the words, plus some observations.” 🇬🇧

    Fox 8 by George Saunders
    published 2018 Who knows where George Saunders’ head is coming from? I loved his Lincoln in the Bardo, which resembles no other book. And I love this short story, Fox 8 – beautifully tricked out …
    By Clothes In Books, 580 words

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  2. Die, Workwear!
    “A blog about classic men's clothing and style.” By Derek Guy. 🇺🇸

    Sole Survivors: How the Internet Is Saving Bespoke Shoemaking (Pt 1)
    When it comes to menswear history, it can be challenging to separate fact from fiction. The two are often intertwined in vanity books and marketing pamphlets, and these stories persist because they help companies sell …
    By Derek Guy, 87 words

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  3. Frock Flicks
    “Costume movie reviews & podcast.”

    Patreon Post Unlocked: Bright Star (2009)
    Director / writer / producer Jane Campion’s last film before the recently lauded The Power of the Dog (2021) was a small, quiet, and exquisite tragic love story about an English Romantic poet. Of course, …
    By Trystan L. Bass, 70 words

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  4. From Squalor to Baller
    “A men’s style blog that provides guys with the tools they need to find high-value clothing and accessories, along with tips on how to wear them to their greatest potential.” By Ian Anderson. 🇺🇸

    A Sartorial Guide to Santa Fe
    Santa Fe, New Mexico is a crossroads of cultures – an amalgamation of Native American, Spanish, Mexican and Old West history that spans thousands of years. It’s a town known for this rich background as …
    By Ian Anderson, 1,360 words

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  5. Gansey Nation
    “"Here is the heart of Ganseydom on Earth" - Aragorn.” By Gordon Reid. 🇬🇧

    Wick (John Macleod II): Week 11 – 20th March
    “Well, now that we have seen each other,” said the Unicorn, “If you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you. Is that a bargain?” (Lewis Carroll, Alice Through the Looking-Glass) We watched the classic 1951 …
    By Gordon Reid, 469 words

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  6. Irenebrination
    “Notes on Architecture, Art, Fashion, Fashion Law & Technology.” By Anna Battista.

    Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken: Pillings A/W 23
    It is often the case that the labels favoured by street kids do not showcase their collections during Tokyo Fashion Week. This year, though, something changed and some Japanese labels appreciated by alternative fashion fans, …
    By Anna Battista, 903 words

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  7. Mainelymenswear
    “Be your own luxury brand !” By Duane MacLeod. 🇺🇸

    Tailoring Course 1, The Bespoke Jacket – Complete
    Hello faithful followers. I’ve really been MIA in the social media world for quite some time. Sorry about that. The first half of the course at The Tailoring Academy wrapped up on February 17th and …
    By mainelydad, 1,072 words

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  8. Menswear Musings
    “The Trend-Proof Wardrobe.” By Mitchell Moss. 🇺🇸

    Italian Tailoring for Everybody [My Review of PML Clothing]
    I was helping out a friend buy a new suit recently. I took him to J.Crew, in part because I knew I could use their suit to assess the basic areas of fit and extrapolate …
    By Mitchell, 2,343 words

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  9. Permanent Style
    “The leading British blog on tailoring, luxury and men's style.” By Simon Crompton. 🇬🇧

    Tonal layering with black jeans: Comfy, drapey, easy
    Tonal layering with black jeans: Comfy, drapey, easy Monday, March 20th 2023Tags: CoatsKnitwearStyleAldenAnderson and Sheppardbryceland'sciardiPermanent style Share Share this post Subscribe 59 Comments ||- Begin Content -|| This outfit I wore last week really tickled …
    By Simon Crompton, 1,064 words

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  10. The Rosenrot | A Collection of Fashion Essays
    “Fashion News, Brand Profiles & Essays by Gracia Ventus.” 🇨🇳

    Designing A Writing Outfit, Pt. I
    One noisy night in the middle of a cold January, my mind rebelled against the sweatshirts and cargo pants winter uniform I had been wearing seven days a week. My three fellow lodgers had decided …
    By Gracia Ventus, 1,231 words

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  11. The Sewing Goatherd
    “A blog devoted to all sorts of sewing projects, including historical costuming, and dairy goats.” By Alyssa.

    A Joyful Flannel and Wool Winter Outfit
    After finishing my Joy Jacket in fall of 2021, I had some fabric left over. About 1 yard of colbalt blue wool, and about a yard and a half of plaid flannel. I liked the …
    By Alyssa, 326 words

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  12. Stitches on the Run
    “Sashiko is the way to go if you want to put a little magic on your clothes and anything else made of fabric.” By Janette Haruguchi. 🇯🇵

    How to quilt with sashiko
    Can you quilt with sashiko?If you reduce sashiko to its technique, it is basically a running stitch that creates patterns. So of course you can use it to quilt.Sashiko is a traditional Japanese stitching technique …
    By Janette Haruguchi, 3,159 words

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  13. A Tailor Made It
    “costuming, tailoring and pattern making for the theatrewith an emphasis on menswear.” 🇺🇸

    Collar structure and the importance of ease
    In some areas of a garment we may want substantial support and we need to figure out a way to create that structure with interfacing. We want that structure to not compress, squish down or …
    By Terri, 77 words

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  14. TaylorTailor | Blog

    Olive Overshirt
    A simple overshirt or “shirt jacket” is a piece that has been missing from my closet for a while. I wanted something I could just throw on for days that are a bit too chilly …
    By Taylor Hackbarth, 714 words

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  15. The Time Bum
    “A blog about affordable wrist watches with reviews, guides, commentary and more.” By Loren Sciurba, et al. 🇺🇸

    Core Timepieces Fury GMT
    You probably know Core Timepieces for their Seven Sins model, a dive-style watch with switchblade hands that uses its date complication to display the seven deadly sins instead. It is… The post Core Timepieces Fury …
    By Loren Sciurba, 46 words

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  16. Tokyo Fashion
    “Japanese fashion, Harajuku style, Tokyo street snaps.The official Tumblr of” 🇯🇵

    2023-03-19 21:30
    15 Neo Decora Looks, Including a Dragon Ball Decora, in HarajukuSuper colorful looks from the March 2023 Harajuku Neo Decora Fashion Meetup in Tokyo - including a Dragon Ball Decora style and kawaii Japanese outsider …
    49 words

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  17. The Vivienne Files
    “Capsule wardrobes inspired by art and nature.” By Janice Riggs. 🇺🇸

    Japanese 24 Seasons of the Year – Shunbun – Vernal Equinox
    March 20, 2023 I’m writing this on Saturday morning; the temperature is WAY below freezing… sigh… The first day of spring is my anniversary! 19 years – it seems like almost 2 decades… I was …
    By Janice, 412 words

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  18. voxsartoria
    “Their vanity is greater than their misery.”

    Knits For The Chill 257.Paul Newman, Venice, 1963.
    Knits For The Chill 257.Paul Newman, Venice, 1963.
    16 words

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  19. WristWatchReview
    “Unbiased Wrist Watch Reviews Since 2004.” By John Biggs. 🇺🇸

    Recently Released: H. Moser Pioneer Arctic Blue collection
    If you looked at our most recent H. Moser hands-on review (seen here) and that that particular shade of dial wasn’t for you – and you’re like me – then their most recent foray into …
    By Patrick Kansa, 627 words

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