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A think tank dedicated to improving tax policy and the public understanding of tax.

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Posts per month
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Feb 2024 7
Mar 2024 10
Apr 2024 3
May 2024 5

Any gaps could be due to errors when fetching the blog’s feed.

Most recent posts

The KC who sold a hopeless tax avoidance scheme without declaring a conflict of interest
Robert Venables KC has a reputation for providing tax avoidance scheme promoters with convenient opinions that their schemes work. The courts usually disagree. But on one occasion he went further – in 2018 he promoted …
On , by Dan, 72 words
Nadhim Zahawi’s SLAPP results in disciplinary action for his lawyer. Why it happened, and what it means.
Nadhim Zahawi’s attempt to silence me has now resulted in disciplinary action for his lawyer. This is a short piece on why it happened, and what it means – for the lawyer, for SLAPPs, and …
On , by Dan, 74 words
Avoiding VAT on school fees – the risks parents and schools are taking
We wrote in January about some of the ways private schools might try to avoid Labour’s proposed 20% VAT on school fees. One approach we mentioned – paying years’ of fees in advance – is …
On , by Dan, 70 words