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Peter Merholz

  • By Peter Merholz
  • Based in United States of America
  • Roughly five posts per year
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Posts per year

Data for this chart is available in the table below
Posts per year
Year starting Posts
2021 4
2022 6
2023 5
2024 2

Any gaps could be due to errors when fetching the blog’s feed.

Most recent posts

Whither UX Research?
A few years ago, we interviewed Jen Cardello for Finding Our Way, and she shared that her team (UX Research) is peered with “market research, behavioral economics, brand, and advertising research, and customer loyalty” in …
On , by Peter Merholz, 621 words
To Lead Design, You Must Have an Agenda
That Vision Thing About a year ago, I distilled the conversations Jesse and I had been having with design executives on our podcast Finding Our Way into a post titled, “Design leadership is change management.” …
On , by Peter Merholz, 536 words
On the (f)utility of design maturity models
Thesis Design maturity models are oversimplified frameworks that mask the necessary nuance to understand and develop an organization’s ability to get the most out of a Design function. That said, used responsibly, they can be …
On , by Peter Merholz, 665 words