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A Tailor Made It

costuming, tailoring and pattern making for the theatrewith an emphasis on menswear.

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Collar structure and the importance of ease
In some areas of a garment we may want substantial support and we need to figure out a way to create that structure with interfacing. We want that structure to not compress, squish down or …
On , by Terri, 68 words
18th century costume structure and support
Once I have fused all the fabric and it is cut out, the pieces need to be marked. The style lines need to be seen from the right side of the fabric and some areas …
On , by Terri, 83 words
18th Century costume getting to the fitting stage
Getting to the fitting stage.I was going to get one fitting for this costume. Seven years ago I made mock ups for the first fitting because a lot of decisions get made at that stage, …
On , by Terri, 76 words